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Slab Piers

Whether your home is built on a slab, crawl space, or basement foundation, the threat of damage due to foundation settlement remains the same. 

Signs like wall cracks and uneven flooring shouldn’t be disregarded. They suggest that the structural soundness of your home may be at risk. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado brings you a lasting answer: SettleStop™ slab piers. As industry-leading specialists in foundation repair, we’re able to install this long-lasting solution at your home. 

This page will explore the importance and effectiveness of slab piers in resolving your foundation challenges. You’ll walk away knowing exactly why and how these innovative repair tools can help your home. 

What Are Slab Piers? 

Slab piers are a uniquely formulated foundation support tool designed to secure a settling slab foundation. They aren’t your run-of-the-mill repair option; these piers are specifically created for damaged concrete slab foundations. 

Once installed, slab piers act as sturdy underground columns for your home. They essentially direct the weight of your home onto more solid ground.  

This minimizes future settling and helps your property stand firm against shifting soil or varying moisture levels. In some situations, slab piers may even be able to elevate your foundation back to its initial position. 

Moreover, slab piers can be integrated into a broader home maintenance strategy, which may include basement waterproofing or crawl space repairs. Simply put, slab piers are a cornerstone in a multifaceted plan for your home’s long-term well-being. 

Signs You Need Slab Piers 

If your home exhibits any of these foundation problem signs, you should consider slab piers. If left unchecked, these issues could lead to irreversible structural damage in your home: 

Remember, ignoring any of these warning signals is only going to result in more severe issues down the line and even costlier expenses to deal with them.  

Are Slab Piers Necessary? 

Absolutely, yes. Overlooking early signs of foundation settlement only worsens the issue. As the foundation weakens further, the scope and cost of repairs escalate. 

Prompt intervention with slab pier solutions can fend off additional damage, ensuring both mental peace and long-term savings. Consider this an integral part of a holistic strategy that maintains your home’s worth over time. 

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we recognize that each home has distinct needs. It is possible slab piers aren’t the best solution for your home. That’s why we offer other foundation pier systems—such as helical and push piers—that may suit your needs better! 

What Are the Benefits of Slab Piers? 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado is proud to offer piers unmatched in durability and longevity. Our tailor-made installations provide various advantages, such as: 

  • Halting and Preventing Additional Settlement: Our piers redirect your home’s weight onto more secure soil or bedrock, stopping and preventing further settling. 
  • Lifting Affected Areas: Strategic pier installation may lift settled portions of your slab foundation back into place. 
  • Long-lasting Security: Our piers offer a permanent resolution, safeguarding your home’s structural integrity. 
  • Increased Property Value: A firm foundation can significantly enhance your home’s market appeal. 
  • Full Warranty: Our slab piers come with a transferrable lifetime guarantee, giving you added peace of mind. 

How We Install Slab Piers 

The installation of slab piers differs slightly from other types of foundation piers, such as helical and push piers. Our specialized process includes: 

  • Thorough inspection by qualified experts 
  • Removal of impacted flooring 
  • Drilling a hole through the slab to expose the footing 
  • Fitting a bracket beneath the footing 
  • Extending pier sections underground 
  • Monitoring depths and capacities of piers 
  • Capping the pier 
  • Mounting a bracket on the slab 
  • Transferring your home’s weight to the newly installed pier 
  • Filling the hole with concrete for a smooth finish 

This process has helped thousands of homeowners over the years, and you can read more about why people trust us in their reviews. If you’re looking for the most helpful and efficient installation in Colorado, consider working with us! 

Why Our Slab Piers Are the Best Choice for Your Home 

In addition to previously mentioned benefits, our slab piers continue to help your home for several reasons: 

  • Tailored specifically for slab foundations 
  • Custom-fit to your unique requirements 
  • Exclusively designed for maximum stability and lifting strength 
  • Backed by a complete lifetime warranty 
  • Supported by yearly service and maintenance packages 

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Slab Piers Today! 

Don’t delay repairs for any foundation issues, big or small. Risking your home’s structural health and your family’s safety isn’t worth it. Reach out to Foundation Repair of Western Colorado today for a complimentary, obligation-free inspection and regain your peace of mind. 

With our specialized slab piers, expert installation, and lifetime warranty, trust Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for your foundation repair requirements. 


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