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Helical Piers

No one wants to live in a home that feels unstable, but that’s exactly what foundation damage does. Thankfully, helical piers offer robust stabilization for settling foundations, reducing further damage. 

If you notice issues like cracked walls or jammed doors, helical piers will restore stability. At Foundation Repair of West Colorado, we specialize in high quality foundation repair, including helical piers, to deliver satisfaction and peace of mind. 

Learn how helical piers can safeguard your West Colorado home and protect your investment. 

What Are Helical Piers? 

Helical piers, also called screw piles or helical piles, are foundation support elements engineered to distribute loads away from unstable soil to more solid, load-bearing layers or even bedrock. They serve as a permanent solution for foundation settlement and have the ability to lift sinking sections back into place. 

These innovative structures consist of steel shafts with helical plates, resembling large screws, along the lower portion. The plates function as soil anchors, allowing the piers to be driven deep into the ground and providing remarkable strength and load-bearing capabilities. 

Helical piers play a vital role in comprehensive home repair strategies, complementing other important services like basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation. Engineered to last, they are installed with hydraulic equipment to ensure your foundation’s stability for years to come. 

Signs You May Need Helical Piers 

Consider helical piers if your home displays any of these common foundation problem signs: 

Addressing these issues early is critical to prevent further complications. Postponing necessary repairs may lead to escalating costs down the road. That’s where Foundation Repair of West Colorado comes in.  

Are Helical Piers Necessary?  

If you notice any of the signs mentioned earlier, helical piers will help solve the problem. Delaying action only allows these problems to grow, potentially leading to other headaches like mold growth and higher repair expenses.  

Our comprehensive approach aims to identify all issues tied to foundation settlement, allowing us to craft a cohesive repair strategy that will not only mend but also safeguard your home’s structure. 

Although helical piers are a critical solution for foundation settlement, we offer an array of other foundation pier systems like push piers and slab piers, which may also provide benefits depending on your specific case.  

The Key Benefits of Helical Piers 

Our helical pier system is valued for its enduring strength and stability. Advantages include: 

  • Lasting Stability – Helical piers anchor beneath weak soils to provide a permanent fix. 
  • Stops Further Damage – Stabilization starts immediately upon installation. 
  • Lifts Settling Foundations – In certain situations, helical piers can raise sinking sections back into place. 
  • Lifetime Warranty – Guaranteed to last. 
  • Expert Installation – Our team ensures optimal placement and quality. 
  • Integrated Home Repair – Works seamlessly with other foundation solutions. 

With helical piers, you can feel confident knowing your foundation will remain steady for years to come. Our customers have been trusting our foundation repair process since 2005; you can read more about their experiences here

The Helical Pier Installation Process 

The proper placement of helical piers requires precision and expertise. Here’s an overview of what to expect: 

Thorough Inspection 

First, our team will carry out an in-depth inspection of your property to identify foundation problems and determine the best locations for pier installation.

Soil Excavation 

After pinpointing placement, the installation process begins by digging around the footing where each pier will attach. This allows access and will look messy temporarily. 

Pier Installation Using Hydraulic Equipment 

The helical piers are driven deep into the ground using hydraulic machinery. The torque is closely monitored during this phase to ensure proper depth. 

Securing the Footing Bracket 

Once the target depth is reached, a durable steel bracket is bolted to the footing, and the top of the pier is capped. This securely transfers the structural weight onto the piers. 

Attempted Structure Elevation 

Hydraulic lifting equipment may then be utilized to try and elevate any sections of the structure that have sunk or settled over time. 

Site Restoration and Monitoring 

Upon completion, the excavated areas around the piers are filled in and restored. We thoroughly clean up any debris. Small benchmarks are also placed for checks of continued stability moving forward. 

You can trust the team at Foundation Repair of West Colorado to handle your helical pier installation with expertise and care. 

Why Choose Our Helical Piers? 

Our helical piers offer unique advantages that make them the right choice for your home, such as: 

  • Versatility – Well-suited for both new construction and existing home foundation repairs. 
  • Efficient Installation – Our knowledgeable team works efficiently and uses the most modern foundation repair techniques. 
  • High Load Capacity – Engineered to support significant structural weight. Ideal for lighter buildings. 
  • Minimal Landscape Disruption – Less excavation time versus other piers. 
  • Year-Round Installation – Can be installed in a variety of weather conditions and soil types like our state’s bentonite clay

When you choose Foundation Repair of West Colorado, you get the peace of mind that comes with our decades of experience providing helical pier solutions throughout the region.

Contact Us for a Free Inspection and Quote 

Don’t let a settling foundation threaten your home’s structural integrity any longer. Act now, as waiting often leads to more severe and costly damage over time. 

Don’t take chances with your most valuable investment—your home. Contact us today to learn more about halting foundation settlement through helical piers. 


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