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Channel Anchors 

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we’ve specialized in basement repair for over two decades. One major tool we use to stop basement wall damage are our channel anchors.   

Our skilled team manages the entire procedure, from assessment to tailored installation, providing you with a stable, long-lasting basement.  

What Are Channel Anchors?  

Channel anchors are a specialized form of foundation stabilization designed to close gaps and stabilize walls. The system incorporates steel earth anchors embedded into the ground outside your foundation. Threaded rods connect these exterior earth anchors to steel channel brackets fastened to your basement wall’s interior.  

These channels stretch almost from floor to ceiling and are securely bolted to the floor to provide effective bracing power. By anchoring into stable soil, the system negates soil pressure and halts inward wall movement. Channel anchors additionally offer the chance to gradually level your walls over time.  

5 Signs You Need Channel Anchors  

You may need channel anchors if you notice these indicators of foundation failure:  

By neutralizing soil pressure and reinforcing your foundation, channel anchors tackle the underlying cause of structural issues.  

Is a Channel Anchor System Necessary?  

Overlooking bowing walls can exacerbate the problem. Persistent soil pressure and moisture intrusion through walls cracks make your walls break down even faster.   

This can result in water damage, mold growth, and costly structural fixes. In extreme circumstances, significantly weakened walls could collapse.  

Channel anchors offer a reliable fix by supporting walls against soil pressure. Paired with our complete basement waterproofing services, channel anchors deliver effective moisture prevention!  

What Are the Benefits of Channel Anchors?  

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s channel anchor system provides homeowners these perks:  

  • Halts and deters additional wall movement  
  • Enables potential wall straightening back to level 
  • Restores structural stability without full foundation replacement  
  • Defends against soil pressure and moisture-related issues  
  • Minimal impact on home and landscaping  
  • Corrosion-resistant epoxy-coated anchors  
  • Easily installs around utilities without significant demolition  

By preventing further foundation issues, channel anchors enhance your home’s value and avert costly repairs. Our crew supervises the entire process expertly from evaluation to custom installation.  

How We Install Channel Anchors: 7 Steps  

Our certified experts adhere to meticulous steps to customize your channel anchor system:  

1. Initial inspection to plot anchor positions  

One of our certified foundation repair experts inspects your basement walls to identify the best spots for installing channel anchors, based on areas exhibiting signs of bowing or tilting. This personalized mapping ensures effective tailored to your home’s needs.  

2. Drill holes for earth anchors around the exterior foundation  

Our installers will excavate around the outer perimeter of your foundation at the planned anchor points using heavy-duty earth augers. They will reach down to stable soil layers beneath surface issues.  

3. Make small holes in basement walls for anchor rods  

Small holes, approximately 1-2 inches wide, will be drilled into your foundation walls to align with the exterior earth anchor locations. Steel anchor rods are then inserted and driven into these exterior anchor holes.  

4. Connect rods to earth anchors and seat anchors in stable soil  

These steel rods are securely attached to the earth anchors using durable nuts and washers, forming an integrated system anchored in solid, stable soil. The earth is then replaced and compacted around each anchor.  

5. Affix channel brackets to inner walls over anchor rods  

Once the exterior earth anchors are set, steel channel brackets are affixed to your basement’s interior walls. The channel anchors slip over the steel rods that extend through the small wall openings.  

6. Fasten floor brackets to concrete for stability  

For optimal structural support, the channel anchors are anchored to your concrete basement floor with steel brackets, secured by lag bolts. This ensures the channel anchors remain unmovable.  

7. Gradually straighten walls by adjusting anchor rods  

Post-installation, the steel rods can be incrementally tightened to gradually realign your foundation walls. This is executed slowly, with periodic adjustments over time.  

With a longstanding reputation for quality, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado guarantees that your channel anchor system will secure your home efficiently and safely.  

Why Choose Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Channel Anchors   

For unparalleled channel anchors backed by accredited know-how, opt for Foundation Repair of Western Colorado. We offer: 

  • Proprietary channel anchors engineered for peak performance  
  • Complimentary inspection, quote, and tailored system recommendations  
  • Transferable warranty with industry-leading quality  
  • Nationally acclaimed service and quality  

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Channel Anchors Today!  

Don’t let your foundation issues escalate. Our channel anchors offer a tried-and-true method that permanently stabilizes your foundation. Reach out to Foundation Repair of Western Colorado today for your free inspection!   


Most channel anchor installations are completed in less than a day. Minimal excavation and small wall perforations expedite the setup process.  

Our specialists gradually adjust the anchor rods over several years. This careful approach gradually restores walls to their original alignment. Annual maintenance ensures this straightening process is conducted safely.  

Typically, substantial remodeling is not necessary following the channel anchor setup. The anchors can discreetly integrate with your existing basement finish, or else any post-installation remodeling will be minor.  

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