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Uneven Floors

Did you know that uneven floors suggest foundation problems? With the right fixes from foundation repair specialists, you can make your floors stable and smooth once again. 

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we’ve mended thousands of uneven floors utilizing top-notch techniques. Through our wide-ranging foundation fixes, you can strengthen your foundation and relish enduring, even floors! 

What is an Uneven Floor? 

An uneven floor is essentially a floor that isn’t completely level. Some areas of an uneven floor will appear higher or lower than adjacent sections. 

This results in apparent inclines, declines, and dips across the surface of the floor. Uneven floors disrupt day-to-day tasks like walking, sitting, or cooking—your groceries could even tumble off the counter! 

Uneven floors are usually the result of foundational issues. When a part of the foundation descends, shifts, or deteriorates, it drags sections of the floor with it, yielding an unlevel surface. 

What Causes an Uneven Floor?

Multiple key factors contribute to homes developing uneven floors. Our inspection approach is geared to identify all of these underlying causes, so we can propose the ideal remedies. Typical causes include: 

Foundation Settling 

Every foundation is prone to some sort of settlement. Sometimes excessive settlement occurs due to age or the soil type in your area. This causes the foundation to settle unevenly into the soil, impacting the floors above in much the same way. 

Tree Roots 

As trees grow in your yard, their roots may extend under your home. If they become large enough, they exert pressure on the foundation, resulting in structural issues. Over time, this weakens the foundation’s ability to adequately support your floors, causing uneven portions. 

Soil Issues 

Living in our state comes with one big caveat—it tends to be quite dry. The arid environment can actually have an effect on the soil supporting your foundation.  

When soil becomes too dry, it shrinks in size and becomes brittle. As a result, gaps form between the ground and your foundation, forcing it to sink and cause uneven floors.  

But when rain or snow does arrive, it’s even worse. Much of Colorado is made up of bentonite clay soil. This type of ground is extremely expansive, meaning that it swells up when exposed to water.  

This cycle of shrinking and expanding puts a lot of stress on your foundation and only makes uneven floors worse.

Can You Fix an Uneven Floor? 

Absolutely, yes! With appropriate foundation repair methods like pier systems, floors can be stabilized, and the root issues addressed simultaneously. 

Note that temporary fixes like shims or sanding may make the floor appear better, but they don’t tackle the underlying issue. Our foundation fixes do! 

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we bolster your foundation and avert future sinking or shifting. Our all-encompassing repair strategy results in lasting solutions homeowners have relied on for years. 

How to Fix an Uneven Floor 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has refined the floor leveling procedure over decades. If you opt to collaborate with us, here’s what you can anticipate: 

1. Initial Inspection 

Our experts will thoroughly inspect uneven floors and identify low points. We’ll inspect for foundation deterioration and look for factors such as moisture issues or weakened supports. 

2. Install Foundation Piers 

We’ll position pier systems in the affected zones to carefully lift the floors back to level. Our supports are tailored to match your home’s specific needs and evenly distribute its weight. 

Depending on the location and severity of the damage, we may employ slab piers, push piers, or helical piers. Regardless of the pier type selected, rest assured all types serve the same purpose and safeguard your foundation. 

3. Additional Home Repairs 

If necessary, we’ll tackle other home problems like basement moisture intrusion or sinking concrete, preventing future foundation woes or spread to other home sections. 

Why You Should Address Uneven Floor Issues Today 

Addressing uneven floors promptly is crucial. If you choose to ignore the problem, you run the risk of experiencing issues like: 

  • Ongoing settlement making floors progressively uneven 
  • Structural harm if unstable soils erode or supports fail 
  • Dampness leading to mold, wood decay, and health risks 
  • Potential plumbing leaks as shifting foundations bend pipes 
  • Skyrocketing repair costs as damage gets worse 

Don’t wait until small floor irregularities transform into major safety concerns or result in expensive foundation failure. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado offers cost-effective, minimally invasive methods to fortify settling foundations and restore floors to level. Safeguard your home with our extensive repair services. 

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Long-Lasting Solutions 

If uneven floors have raised concerns about foundational integrity, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado can assist. Our comprehensive floor leveling services have rejuvenated numerous foundations and floors for decades. 

We extend a complimentary, professional inspection to help you comprehend the issue and offer a same-day estimate. Next, we formulate a repair plan tailored to your home’s needs. Our guaranteed solutions deliver a permanent fix you can count on. 

Uneven floors signify that your foundation requires scrutiny. Don’t overlook them! Reach out to our specialists at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado to arrange a free inspection today. 


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