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Sticking Doors and Windows

Have you noticed your home’s doors and windows becoming increasingly difficult to operate? This is typically a warning sign of more significant foundation problems. Sticking doors and windows are classic indicators of structural issues like foundation settlement. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, a leader in foundation repair services in Colorado, has been helping homeowners since 2005. If you’re dealing with sticking doors and windows, keep reading to learn what causes them and how you can fix the problem. 

What Are Sticking Doors and Windows? 

Sticking doors and windows are characterized by challenging or nearly impossible movement when trying to open doors or windows. They may require excessive force to open or might not open at all. Often, you will also notice that the doors and windows do not align correctly with their frames. 

These issues suggest foundation problems in your home, where the frames around doors and windows are warping as the home settles. Visible drywall cracks near the windows and doors are a major indication that the difficulties are related to foundation troubles.  

The most common causes behind sticking doors and windows are a sinking foundation and damaged crawl space supports, which, if neglected, lead to other types of extensive damage in your home. 

What Causes Sticking Doors and Windows? 

Several factors can lead to sticking doors and windows: 

  • Settling foundation: Uneven foundation settling can lead to misaligned floors and walls, causing doors and windows to jam. 
  • Damaged crawl space supports: Compromised supports, due to factors like wood rot or moisture, result in sagging floors, which in turn misalign walls and lead to sticking doors and windows. 
  • Moisture damage: Due to bentonite clay in Colorado, rain and snowmelt causes the soil to expand and put pressure on your foundation. When this happens, the foundation shifts and causes door and window frames to distort. 

Poor soil compaction and drainage issues are other common reasons for the foundation issues that lead to sticking doors and windows. It’s best to work with a professional to determine the exact cause behind your foundation issues. 

Can You Fix Sticking Doors and Windows? 

Absolutely, sticking doors and windows can be remedied by addressing the root structural problems through professional foundation repair services. 

How Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Fixes Sticking Doors and Windows 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has a trusted, industry leading repair process. If you decide to work with us, here’s what the process looks like: 

1. Initial Inspection 

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your foundation and identify any areas that are causing your windows and doors to become unaligned. We’ll inspect for foundation settlement and look for other factors such as moisture issues or expansive soil. 

2. Install Foundation Piers 

Once the problem areas are found, we’ll install pier systems at the affected sites to lift the floors back to a level position. Our supports will evenly distribute the weight of your home and prevent the foundation from shifting again in the future. 

Depending on the location and severity of the damage, we may employ slab piers, push piers, or helical piers. Regardless of the pier type selected, rest assured all types serve the same purpose and safeguard your foundation. 

4. Additional Home Repairs 

If necessary, we’ll tackle other problems like moisture intrusion or a sinking concrete slab, making sure these issues don’t lead to more damage in the future or spread to other areas of your property. 

Why Address Sticking Doors and Windows Issues Now? 

Addressing sticking doors and windows as soon as possible provides a number of benefits. Here’s are several reasons to deal with sticking doors and windows now: 

  • Unresolved foundation issues will only get worse over time—they don’t fix themselves. 
  • Eventually, the misalignment can damage the actual windows and doors in your home. 
  • Continued foundation settling might lead to severe structural instability and pose a serious risk to your loved ones. 
  • Ignoring these signs will result in costlier repairs later, so it’s worth protecting the foundation now. 

Mere cosmetic fixes will temporarily mask the problem; eventually, the same issues will resurface, potentially in a worse state. Repeatedly ignoring the problem can significantly increase the cost of effective repairs in the future. 

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado to Solve Sticking Doors and Windows 

If you’re dealing with sticking doors and windows, work with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado. We’ll inspect your foundation for free and use the best solutions in Colorado.  

Our team of experts offers a lasting fix for sticking and jamming issues in your home. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection! 


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