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Dealing with a Sinking Foundation

Are you noticing unusual issues in your home like doors that won’t close properly or noticeable cracks in your walls? These are warning signs of a sinking foundation, but the problem can be fixed. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado is your local foundation repair expert for permanent foundation repair. With top-of-the-line products and extensive expertise, we will ensure your home’s structural stability is protected. 

What is a Sinking Foundation? 

A sinking foundation occurs when parts of your home’s foundation settle or sink into the ground at different rates. We call this differential settlement.  

This typically happens when the soil beneath has become too weak to support the weight of your home. The most common symptoms of a sinking foundation include: 

Ignoring these signs can lead to significant structural damage and pose safety risks for you and your loved ones.H2: What Causes a Sinking Foundation? 

Several factors contribute to foundation sinking: 

  • Soil expansion: Soil expands when wet and contracts when dry, creating gaps under your foundation. 
  • Inadequate drainage: Poor drainage leads to soil expansion and contraction, weakening foundation support. 
  • Soil compaction issues: Poorly compacted soil can collapse under a building’s weight. 
  • Clay soil behavior: Clay soils swell when moist and shrink upon drying, stressing the foundation. 
  • Tree root interference: Roots can dehydrate the soil and create voids, or directly invade the foundation if too close. 

Can You Fix a Sinking Foundation? 

Absolutely! Repairing a sinking foundation is feasible with the right techniques to stabilize and strengthen it before the situation worsens. 

DIY solutions might seem cost-effective but are often short-term fixes that fail to address the underlying issues. In the worst cases, they might even worsen the problem, leading to costlier and more complex repairs. 

How to Fix a Sinking Foundation 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado employs advanced methods to tackle foundation settlement issues. We install deep-reaching foundation piers that anchor to stable soil layers or bedrock, ensuring your home’s weight is supported away from unstable soils. 

Our foundation repair options include: 

  • Push piers, which are driven deep into the soil. 
  • Helical piers, twisted into the ground to provide support. 
  • Slab piers for underpinning sinking concrete slabs. 

The Importance of Addressing Sinking Foundations Promptly 

Addressing a sinking foundation without delay is crucial for several reasons: 

  • Prevent escalation of structural damage, which becomes costlier to repair. 
  • Reinforce the safety and structural integrity of your home. 
  • Halt the progression of cracks and further uneven settling. 
  • Ensure smoother operation of doors and windows. 
  • Enhance home stability, particularly important if you’re considering selling. 

Don’t hesitate—reach out to the foundation repair experts at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a complimentary inspection and quote, and gain confidence in your home’s foundational stability. 

Get in Touch with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Sinking Foundation Issues 

If you suspect your home’s foundation is sinking, contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado as soon as possible Our team will assess your foundation and suggest the best solutions. 

We understand that foundation repair can feel a daunting task. For that reason, we offer flexible financing options to alleviate both the physical and financial stress of such repairs.  

With over a decade serving homeowners, we’ve got you. We’ll make sure your foundation is stable and supported, backed by a long-term warranty. Schedule your no-cost inspection and estimate today


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