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Foundation Heave

Slab flooring with cracks, gaps, or holes is not ideal for your home. Foundation heave is a serious issue that can damage homes and require expensive repairs if left unchecked. 

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we have over 15 years of experience in assessing foundation heave and implementing effective foundation repair solutions to prevent further damage.  

This article will examine what causes heaving foundations, signs to look for, repair options, and why prompt action is so important. 

What is Foundation Heave? 

Foundation heave refers to the upward movement and distortion of a home’s foundation due to swelling and expanding soils. It typically occurs when clay soils underneath a home’s foundation absorb water and expand in volume. This expansion exerts enormous uplift pressure on the foundation that can warp, crack, and lift sections of the foundation upwards. 

Unlike general foundation settlement where sections sink down, heave causes sections of the foundation to rise. Heaving foundations has a variety of identifiable symptoms, such as:  

Heaving is often cyclical as soils expand and contract through wet/dry seasons. Repeated heaving stresses the foundation and can completely compromise its structural integrity over time.  

Other signs of a heaving foundation include: 

Left unaddressed, heaving foundations lead to thousands of dollars in repairs, so prompt action is critical. 

What Causes Foundation Heave?  

There are three primary causes of foundation heave: 

  • Expansive Soil Conditions – The most common cause of foundation heave problems is the presence of expansive clay soils around the foundation perimeter. When these soils absorb moisture, they swell substantially in volume and push foundations upwards. 
  • Poor Drainage – Excess moisture from rain, snowmelt, downspouts, landscape irrigation, and other sources allows clay soils to absorb more water and expand further. Inadequate drainage keeps soil constantly saturated. 
  • Tree Roots – Fast-growing tree roots that extend under shallow foundations to seek moisture will gradually lift and distort foundations as the roots expand. 

Our foundation repair team at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado are experts in assessing soil conditions and identifying drainage issues. We can pinpoint the factors causing foundation heave at your home and recommend proven solutions tailored to your property. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen. We have affordable options to permanently stabilize heaving foundations. 

Can You Fix a Heaving Foundation?  

Yes, heaving foundations can be fixed. The specific solutions depend on the type of foundation your home has and other factors our team will evaluate. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we offer advanced techniques that focus on a custom solution for your home. 

With custom repair plans focused on your home’s needs, allowing us to lift and relevel distorted sections in some cases, while preventing future heave damage. Our piers and steel wall reinforcements are a permanent solution to stabilize your foundation. 

Can Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Fix Foundation Heave? 

Absolutely, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado can effectively repair foundation heave. It’s important to address not just the upward movement but also to implement a comprehensive solution for lasting results. This involves a professional assessment and customized solutions tailored to the specific issues in your home. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado offers free inspections to identify the root cause of your foundation issues and recommend all-encompassing repairs. These may include strategies for foundation stabilization, effective water management, or a combination of these approaches. 

Our Approach to Fixing Foundation Heave 

Understanding that each home in Western Colorado has its unique characteristics, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado customizes repair methods to suit your specific needs. Here’s how we tackle foundation heave: 

Thorough Inspection 

Our free inspection involves an experienced team meticulously evaluating both the interior and exterior of your home to pinpoint areas affected by foundation heave. We assess soil conditions, document any damage like floor cracks, and take precise measurements. This comprehensive approach enables us to recommend the most effective repairs for your home. 

Foundation Stabilization 

Immediate repair is crucial for any foundation damage, whether it’s due to settlement, sinking, or heave. We also offer permanent stabilization and can even lift misaligned foundation sections with our advanced pier systems in some cases: 

  • Push Piers: These steel piers are driven deep into the ground, transferring your home’s weight to more stable soil layers. 
  • Helical Piers: Constructed with helical blades, these steel piers are twisted into the earth, anchoring securely to the stable soil beneath. 
  • Slab Piers: Designed specifically for slab foundations, slab piers have similarities with push and helical piers, ensuring solid support. 

Our experts will determine the most suitable pier type for your home, considering its unique foundation structure. 

Wall Reinforcement 

Foundation heave can misalign foundation and basement walls, requiring reinforcement and repair. Our inspection will determine the best method for reinforcing your foundation walls, which may include: 

Effective Water Management 

Moisture is a major contributor to foundation issues like heave. We focus on managing the water surrounding your home, with solutions tailored to your foundation type. These may include basement waterproofing systems like interior drainage and sump pumps, or crawl space encapsulation with vapor barriers

Our proprietary products are customized to address your home’s specific foundation challenges, giving us an edge in resolving foundation heave issues effectively. 

Why Repair Foundation Heave Now?  

Heaving foundations will worsen over time, so prompt repair is critical. Here’s why you can’t afford to wait: 

  • Existing Damage Advances – Unchecked heaving worsens cracks, separations, and structural defects. 
  • Additional Damage Occurs – Other areas of the home bear extra stress and begin failing too. 
  • Clay Soils Cause Cyclical Damage – Each wet/dry cycle brings more foundation distortion. 
  • Home Value Decreases – Visible signs of foundation damage hurt resale value significantly. 
  • Repairs Get More Complex – Severe heaving requires more extensive foundation work. 

Don’t gamble with your most valuable asset. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has affordable options to permanently stabilize your foundation and prevent devastating heave damage down the road. 

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Today! 

If you suspect foundation heave is causing damage to your home, contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado immediately for expert repair solutions. We offer free, no-obligation inspections and quotes. Our experienced team will assess your soil, diagnose the causes, and recommend a permanent plan to stop foundation heave damage for good. Protect your home’s structural integrity today with the leading local experts at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado. 


Typically, homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover foundation issues like heave unless they result from specific circumstances mentioned in your policy, such as flooding. To understand your policy’s coverage regarding foundation heave, it’s best to consult directly with your insurance provider. 

The duration for repairing foundation heave usually spans a few days, though this can vary. The time needed depends on the severity of the problem and the specific repair methods used. For a personalized assessment, including a free inspection and a detailed estimate of the time required, reach out to Foundation Repair of Western Colorado.

Be alert for indications like wall and floor cracks, uneven surfaces, and doors that are difficult to open or won’t shut properly. These are common signs of foundation heave. If you notice any of these issues, it’s crucial to get in touch with foundation repair experts like Foundation Repair of Western Colorado. Prompt intervention can ensure effective and long-lasting repairs, saving you time and money. 

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