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Floor Gaps

Have you observed emerging gaps between floorboards and walls in your home? These expanding spaces signify issues beneath the surface.  

Floor gaps indicate stress and damage to the flooring substructure, requiring immediate repair. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we investigate the causes of these floor gaps and provide effective foundation repair solutions.  

Learn how to permanently address floor gaps and strengthen your home from the ground up. 

What Are Floor Gaps? 

Floor gaps arise from separations between flooring boards or panels caused by a loss of support underneath. As the subflooring sinks, compresses, or deteriorates, gaps emerge among the finished floor materials. The gaps typically begin as minor but gradually enlarge as the underlying foundation issue deteriorates. 

It’s crucial not to ignore floor gaps, as they signify damage to your foundation, indicating inadequate structural support. 

Common signs of foundation damage associated with floor and wall gaps include: 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has advanced solutions to repair floor gaps permanently. 

What Causes Floor Gaps? 

Various issues cause floors to separate from floors and walls, including: 

Foundation Settlement 

A prevalent cause of floor gaps is foundation settlement. When the soil beneath your home becomes uneven, it loses its ability to adequately support the foundation. Consequently, sections of the foundation may sink or settle at varying rates, leading to floor gaps and wall cracks

Damaged Floor Joists 

In homes built over crawl spaces, floor joists can deteriorate due to over-spanning or from moisture damage, like wood rot. This deterioration can cause the joists to sag. This sagging can manifest as gaps between floors and walls as the support for the flooring weakens. 

Expansive Soils 

Expansive soils, such as clay, exhibit significant expansion and contraction with changes in moisture levels. Swelling clay soils beneath your home during wet periods can exert upward pressure on foundations, while shrinkage creates voids that lead to sinking. This cyclic soil movement puts strain on structures, resulting in the formation of floor and wall gaps. 

Can You Fix Floor Gaps? 

Yes, floor gaps can be fixed, but the appropriate solutions depend on the underlying cause. Concealing the gaps with DIY patches without addressing the foundational issues only provides a temporary, cosmetic fix. 

How to Fix Floor Gaps 

The experts at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado conduct a thorough home inspection to identify the underlying causes of wall and floor gaps. Next, we devise a customized plan to address foundation issues, employing advanced techniques such as: 

  • Foundation Piers: SettleStop™ foundation piers, installed beneath sinking foundations, transfer the home’s weight to more stable soil. The two main types of piers, helical piers and push piers, provide permanent support and the potential to lift the foundation and close gaps. 
  • Crawl Space Supports: Adjustable IntelliJack™ crawl space support posts are installed beneath failing floor joists to provide permanent support for floors and potentially aid in lifting them. 

With over 15 years of experience, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has the expertise to customize the appropriate solutions for permanently fixing wall and floor gaps in your home. 

Why Fix Floor Gaps Now? 

Addressing floor and wall gaps promptly offers numerous benefits: 

  • Ensure Structural Integrity: Timely repairs prevent the gaps from worsening and help avoid structural failure, such as collapsed walls or floors. 
  • Optimize Cost-Efficiency: Proactive repairs mitigate the risk of more extensive damage, reducing overall costs.  
  • Enhance Home Protection: Repairs prevent moisture and pest infestation, and eliminates issues like mold, wood rot
  • Promote Comfort: Closing gaps improves indoor temperatures, eliminating cold air drafts and contributing to lower energy bills, enhancing overall indoor comfort. 
  • Preserve Property Value: Taking prompt action on foundation problems and gaps maintains or even increases your home’s value. 

Investing in timely repairs not only prevents further damage but also ensures a comfortable and valuable living environment. Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado experts for permanent solutions that address wall and floor gaps at their source. 

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Floor Gap Repair 

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we excel in enhancing and fortifying floors through cutting-edge diagnostics and repair technologies. Our advanced systems ensure a permanent solution to eliminate floor gaps by reinforcing flooring substructures and potentially lifting them.  

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for time-tested solutions that address floor gaps at their core. Schedule your free inspection today and embark on the path to a sturdier and more resilient foundation. 


No, using caulk or foam to patch floor gaps does not address the underlying cause of foundation damage. DIY repairs are ineffective. Only structural foundation repairs can provide a permanent solution to stabilize your home permanently. Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a free inspection and financing options

Generally, addressing minor floor and wall gaps can be completed within 1-2 days once a plan is devised. However, the severity of foundation damage influences the duration of the stabilization and repair process, often extending to 1-2 weeks for comprehensive resolution. Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a free inspection and repair estimate. 

Expanding gaps, cracks, and issues like sticking doors and windows, cracks in drywall, and uneven floors, indicate a progression in your home’s floor gap concerns. Consider a professional inspection when these signs become apparent. 

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