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Floor Crack

Discovering cracks on your home’s concrete floor can be concerning, but understanding the causes and solutions puts you in control.  

Proactively addressing floor cracks safeguards the structural integrity of your home and prevents groundwater intrusion, ensuring a healthy and safe living environment for your family. 

With over 15 years of repairing cracked floors in Grand Junction and nearby areas, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado guides you through the common signs, causes, and foundation repair solutions to ensure lasting stability for your damaged concrete slab. 

What are Floor Cracks? 

Floor cracks refer to any separation, fissure, or break in your home’s flooring, which may manifest due to factors such as pressure imbalances and structural issues.  

These cracks are frequently associated with other issues, including: 

Although not all floor cracks pose a severe threat, addressing them at the first sign is essential to prevent water damage and the potential deterioration of your home’s structure. 

What Causes Cracked Concrete Floors?  

Various factors contribute to cracked concrete flooring, including: 

Ground Settlement:  

Over time, the ground beneath your home’s foundation experiences natural settlement. Uneven foundation soil compression can stress the concrete slab, particularly in areas with poor compaction or loose, sandy soils. 

Expansive Soils:  

Expansive soils with high clay content expand and shrink with moisture changes. Soil expansion during wet periods raises concrete slabs, and as the soil subsequently dries, it shrinks, leaving slabs unsupported, leading to sinking concrete and cracking. 

Foundation Shifts:  

Water accumulation beneath floors can generate pressure, causing the foundation to uplift and crack. Prolonged water pressure can gradually widen these cracks, heightening the risk of water seepage into your home. 

Material Shrinkage 

Varying materials are employed for flooring, with concrete being the most prevalent. Despite its widespread use and durability, concrete can undergo shrinkage during curing. Uneven shrinkage may result in the formation of cracks. While these cracks may not always pose structural concerns, they can permit water infiltration if not addressed appropriately. 

Heavy Loads:  

Subjecting specific types of flooring to the weight of heavy items, such as furniture or iron objects, creates excessive pressure and results in concrete cracks. It’s essential to consider the weight-bearing capacity of your floors. 

Identifying the underlying cause of your home’s floor cracks is essential for successful treatment. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado offers tailored repair methods to address your home’s specific needs. 

Can Concrete Floor Cracks Be Repaired? 

Yes, floor cracks are repairable. Advanced floor repair technology enables targeted treatment of specific issues without requiring a complete floor replacement. 

We strongly discourage attempting concrete crack repairs independently, as DIY quick fixes conceal only surface flaws, permitting underlying issues to persist. Professional inspections and installations are essential for proper repair and lasting results. 

Floor cracks manifest in diverse forms, and elements such as their nature, location, pattern, and size determine the necessary repair approach. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado employs a comprehensive inspection process to appropriately address your home’s specific foundation issue

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s Floor Crack Repair Strategy 

Our solutions are highly recommended by numerous satisfied homeowners. We take pride in our efficient floor crack repair strategies.  

Here’s our approach to floor crack repair: 

Comprehensive Inspection 

Our experts meticulously examine each crack, taking note of its location, length, pattern, and width. This in-depth, free inspection allows us to understand contributing factors, such as ground movement or foundation heave, enabling us to implement the most effective treatment tailored to your home’s unique needs. 

Weight Redistribution Solutions 

When floor instability is linked to soil movement, we can strategically position and drive specialized foundation piers deep into solid ground. This redistributes the weight, potentially restoring the floor to its original level. We offer three types of piers: helical piers, push piers, and slab piers.  

Wall Reinforcement 

Factors causing floor cracks can also lead to wall cracks. We reinforce walls and prevent further damage using basement repair methods, including carbon fiber straps, steel I-beams, wall anchors, and channel anchors

Water Management 

Protecting against hydrostatic pressure, heave, and moisture is crucial. Our comprehensive basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation solutions range from interior drains and sump pumps to vapor barriers and dehumidifiers, effectively keeping water out of your home. 

Why Address Floor Cracks? 

Avoid procrastination when it comes to repairing floor cracks; even minor fissures can escalate into significant foundation problems.  

Immediate action is crucial due to: 

  • Rapid expansion resulting from consistent pressure. 
  • Increased risk of water intrusion, potentially leading to mold growth and soil erosion. 
  • Ignoring cracks may result in structural issues, sinking floors, and potential foundation sinking over time. 
  • Delays in treatment could increase repair costs, particularly if water damage occurs. 

Pay attention to the warning signs of floor cracks. Choose Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for effective solutions that address underlying issues, fortifying your home’s foundation beyond surface-level fixes. 

Choose Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Reliable Concrete Slab Repair

Take proactive steps in addressing cracked concrete floors to prevent serious structural issues and ensure safety. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado offers permanent solutions to stabilize and mend damaged concrete slabs, providing homeowners in and around Grand Junction with free inspections, detailed repair cost estimates, and financing options. 

Safeguard your home and your family by contacting Foundation Repair of Western Colorado today. 


Floor cracks should be professionally assessed and addressed as soon as possible. Detecting and repairing floor cracks and potential foundation problems at their first sign ensures a more straightforward and cost-effective solution. Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a free inspection and no-obligation cost estimate. 

Floor crack repair costs vary depending on the extent of the cracks and necessary repairs. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado offers free estimates, financing options, and proactive maintenance to prevent expensive fixes in the future. Contact us to schedule a free inspection. 

The duration of floor crack repairs depends on the severity of the issue and the selected repair method. Minor concrete crack repairs may be completed within a day or two, whereas more extensive solutions might take longer. We offer a time estimate during your free inspection. 

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