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Cracks in Basement Floor

Your basement is arguably the most important part of your home. It provides extra living space and supports your home’s structure. Cracks in your basement floor put all of this at risk. 

While it may be easy to ignore them, doing so could leave you with water damage and structural failure. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair basement floor cracks using proven, advanced methods. 

Our team has years of experience assessing and fixing cracked basement floors across Colorado. You can trust us to get to the root of the problem every time. Let’s look at what actually causes basement floor cracks and how we can fix them. 

What Are Cracks in a Basement Floor? 

Cracks in a basement floor refer to any separations, breaks or fissures that develop in the concrete floor of your basement. Not all cracks start out looking serious, but don’t be fooled—they will get bigger over time. 

It’s always wise to address floor cracks as soon as possible to prevent further damage and extensive repairs. The sooner you take action, the better.  

Common Causes of Basement Floor Cracks in Colorado Homes 

There are several culprits behind basement floor cracks. Whether it’s one or many leading to your floor cracks, our inspectors will uncover the specific root cause in your basement: 

Concrete Shrinkage 

As new concrete cures and dries, it can shrink unevenly, leading to cracking. While these shrinkage cracks are often thin and won’t severely impact the foundation, they can still allow water to seep in if they run all the way through the slab. 

Soil Erosion and Expansion 

Over time, the soil around your basement shifts and settles due to changes in moisture. Colorado’s arid environment usually leads to dry soil, which tends to shrink and become brittle.  

This is bad for your basement because the dried-out soil becomes too weak to support the floor. As the soil shrinks, the floor sinks and cracks. 

Alternatively, periods of heavy rain or snow have the opposite effect. Bentonite clay, one of the most common soil types in Colorado, expands when it absorbs water. When the ground swells up like this, it puts pressure on your basement floor and causes cracks. 

Heavy Loads 

Storing heavy items such as furniture or certain appliances in the basement may put excessive stress on the concrete floor. This added weight can cause cracks to form, especially if the floor was not originally constructed to handle such heavy loading. 

Hydrostatic Pressure 

When water accumulates and builds up pressure underneath the basement floor, it pushes upward against the concrete and causes cracks to open up. This force is called hydrostatic pressure

Such cracks often widen progressively over time as water continues to flow in and increase the hydrostatic pressure. If left unchecked, hydrostatic pressure makes it possible for even more water to penetrate the basement, leading to more damage. 

Accurately identifying the factors behind your basement floor cracks is a crucial first step toward determining the appropriate repair techniques. With Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s expertise, you can be confident we have the ideal solution for your specific floor crack issues. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Fixes Cracks in Basement Floors 

Thanks to modern innovations in foundation repair, even badly cracked floors can be repaired and stabilized. The precise position, pattern, and width of the cracks will dictate which specialized repair techniques are needed.  

That’s why our comprehensive inspection process is so important—it ensures your specific situation gets the proper fix and long-lasting results. 

Our Step-By-Step Process for Repairing Cracks in Basement Floors 

Our repair process is renowned for its attention to detail and long-term effectiveness. Here’s what our industry-leading techniques look like: 

1. Detailed Inspection 

First, we thoroughly inspect every crack in your floor—including its location, length, width, depth and overall pattern. This helps reveal whether soil movement, hydrostatic pressure, shrinkage or other factors caused the cracks. 

2. Support Piers 

For floors that have sunk or become uneven due to shifting ground underneath, we will install foundation support piers. Our piers are driven deep into sturdy bedrock or clay beneath your home.  

This allows them to properly redistribute the weight of your home and allows your basement to stay supported independently from the shifting soil. Piers are an effective way to lift and re-level a cracked floor! 

3. Wall Reinforcement 

Since the causes behind floor cracks also lead to wall cracks in your basement, it’s beneficial to install wall reinforcement. If needed, we can install one or more of the following solutions: 

4. Interior Drainage 

To guard against hydrostatic pressure and moisture infiltration through floor cracks, we install interior drainage systems. Complete with sump pumps, these systems collect water and continuously redirect it away from your basement before it can cause further concrete deterioration. 

With the full range of cutting-edge solutions at our disposal, you can rest assured we have the expertise to stabilize your basement floor and prevent cracks from returning. Our extensive experience means we get the job done right the first time. 

Act Quickly to Repair Basement Floor Cracks 

It’s crucial to repair basement floor cracks before they have a chance to expand, lead to water damage or threaten structural stability. The risks of delaying repair include: 

  • Cracks rapidly widening, allowing dramatically increased water intrusion 
  • Potential mold growth and severe concrete erosion caused by moisture 
  • Eventual sinking floors, wall cracks and major structural damage 
  • Exponentially higher repair costs down the road 

Don’t take chances with your home’s foundation—get comprehensive floor crack solutions from Foundation Repair of Western Colorado and safeguard your most valuable investment. 

Contact Us for Expert Basement Floor Crack Repairs in Colorado 

If your Colorado home has any cracks in the basement floor, it’s important to address them quickly. Doing so will help you avoid home damage and keep your loved ones safe. 

Protect your home’s foundation today and contact us for a free inspection! Don’t settle for short-term fixes—get to the root cause of the problem with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s effective, warrantied solutions. 

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