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Cracked Bricks

Cracked bricks are more than just an eyesore; they indicate a problem with your home’s foundation. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we recognize the worry that foundation issues can generate for homeowners. We’re aware that your house is not merely a structure, but a valuable investment and a sanctuary for your family. 

As homeowners ourselves, we are committed to delivering prompt, effective, and tailored foundation repair solutions to every homeowner across Colorado. We excel in identifying and remedying foundation issues unique to the Western Colorado region, assuring you get localized expert advice. 

What are Cracked Bricks? 

Cracks in the bricks on the exterior of your home often appear in a zigzag formation along the mortar lines connecting the bricks. These fractures can vary from fine lines to wide gaps or deteriorating mortar. It’s not merely an aesthetic concern—it’s an alert that your home’s foundation is unsettled. Neglecting these warnings can compromise your home’s structural soundness. 

What Causes Brick Cracks? 

The root cause of brick fractures stems from pressure applied to your home’s foundation. As your foundation shifts or settles, this stresses your exterior brick walls, creating cracks. Key reasons contributing to cracked bricks include: 

  • Foundation Shifting – When the soil beneath your home weakens or erodes, it disturbs the foundation’s balance, imposing stress on your brick walls. This is especially prevalent in soil types like bentonite clay, often present in Western Colorado. 
  • Tree Root Expansion – Growing tree roots beneath your foundation can force bricks and mortar apart, disrupting the soil and exposing vulnerable spots. 
  • Soil Dynamics – The soil underneath your home is susceptible to movement, affecting your foundation and brick walls. Weather conditions in Colorado can intensify these soil issues, such as dry conditions leading to brittle soil. 

Can Cracked Bricks be Fixed? 

Absolutely, repairing cracked bricks is possible. However, short-term fixes like fillers or mortar repair products are not permanent solutions. Professional expertise is crucial for a lasting repair. 

Because the actual issue is with your foundation, the cracks will keep widening unless the foundation is stabilized. Our repair techniques are designed to effectively tackle root causes and offer you peace of mind. 

Remember, attempting DIY fixes on structural components of your home can result in unintended consequences such as uneven floors or stuck doors and windows. For premier service, consult Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s professionals, who bring years of specialized experience. 

How to Fix Cracked Bricks

With Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, you’ll receive custom solutions like slab piers, helical piers or push piers. These are anchored beneath your foundation and turned into the ground until they hit stable soil or bedrock, lifting and stabilizing any sinking foundation. 

Additional strategies to address the root causes of foundation instability include: 

  • Wall Anchors Durable steel anchors are placed into the foundation walls and connected to stable soil outside to resist inward bending and cracking. 
  • Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement We adhere carbon fiber strips to irregular basement walls using high-strength epoxy. This great tensile strength restores your brick walls’ stability. 

Why Address Brick Cracks Now? 

Ignoring small cracks in your bricks can allow the underlying issues to worsen. Reasons for immediate action include: 

  • Limit Costlier Repairs – Addressing foundation problems early prevents future damage and costs. 
  • Prevent Moisture Intrusion – Cracks can be channels for water to enter your basement or crawl space, promoting mold growth and wood decay
  • Increase Home Value – Broken or eroding brick walls reduce your property’s appeal to potential buyers. Structural repairs can enhance your home’s value, ensuring a better ROI. 

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Cracked Brick Repairs

If you see fractures appearing on your home’s exterior bricks, reach out to Foundation Repair of Western Colorado today. We provide complimentary evaluations to pinpoint underlying issues and immediate cost estimates for repairs.  

Our process is straightforward, from the initial evaluation to installation. Contact us today to ensure your home is safe and stable for years to come.  


Horizontal cracks generally signify wall bowing due to increased soil pressure or foundation sinking. These indicators necessitate structural repairs. 

Check the brick veneers, basement walls, and chimneys carefully. Cracks often originate in areas you might overlook initially. 

Simply refilling the mortar lines won’t stop further cracking. The foundational issues must first be addressed, and then you can re-mortar the bricks.

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