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Cracks in Foundation Walls

The appearance of cracks in your basement walls is often the initial visible indication of foundation issues. However, many homeowners may be uncertain about the significance of these cracks or whether they necessitate repairs.  

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we are the region’s authority in foundation repair. Our skilled technicians will assess your home’s foundation and implement proven solutions to repair existing cracks and prevent new ones. 

Keep reading to learn the causes of cracked foundation walls, effective repair methods, and the critical importance of acting promptly. 

What Are Foundation Wall Cracks? 

Foundation wall cracks are separations or breaks that emerge in the concrete foundation walls encompassing the underground levels of your home. These fissures signal that there are forces exerted on the foundation surpassing the strength of the materials used in its construction. The formation of cracks occurs because concrete exhibits high strength in compression but comparatively lower strength in tension or bending. 

What Causes Foundation Wall Cracks? 

The primary causes of foundation wall cracks include: 

  • Foundation Settlement: When the soil beneath your home’s foundation undergoes shifting or compaction, it can lead to uneven sinking and settling of the foundation. This settlement causes the foundation walls to bend or shift, ultimately resulting in the formation of cracks. 
  • Expansive Soils: Soils with a high clay content tend to expand and contract as they absorb and release moisture. This continuous cycle exerts significant pressure on foundation walls, leading to the development of cracks. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Groundwater exerts pressure on the exterior of foundation walls, pushing them inward and causing cracks and bowing. 

Can You Repair Foundation Wall Cracks?  

Yes, damaged foundation walls can be repaired to restore structural integrity. The appropriate solution depends on the cause and severity of the damage. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we offer various proven foundation repair methods, including: 

  • Foundation Piers: Installed beneath the foundation and anchored to the foundation footing, foundation piers shift the weight of the home onto stable soils. These piers provide stabilization for settling foundations and essential support. 
  • Wall Anchors: Steel wall anchors are embedded into the foundation wall and extended into undisturbed soil, counterbalancing the inward force that leads to cracks and bowing. 
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement: Applying carbon fiber straps to the wall surface reinforces the concrete and hinders the progression of cracks.  
  • IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System: A system of steel beams is placed within the wall, offering reinforcement without requiring outdoor excavation. 

How to Repair Foundation Wall Cracks 

  • Professional Assessment: The initial step involves a thorough assessment carried out by a foundation repair specialist. They will pinpoint the root cause and recommend the most appropriate repair approach. 
  • Implement Foundation Repair System: The recommended foundation repair system will be customized to rectify the specific damage sustained by your home’s walls. This may involve the application of wall anchors, piers, or other suitable solutions. 
  • Waterproofing Walls: Upon completion of structural reinforcement, it is essential to waterproof the foundation walls to shield against moisture infiltration. We provide the most expert and hassle-free basement waterproofing solutions in the region. 
  • Monitor and Maintain: Routine maintenance inspections are vital for preserving the stability of your foundation. Stay vigilant for emerging cracks or signs of seepage. Additionally, ensuring proper gutter, drainage, and downspout extensions are crucial. 

Why Repair Foundation Wall Cracks Now?  

Repairing cracks in foundation walls is crucial, because: 

  • Cracks worsen over time, leading to extensive and costly repairs.  
  • Moisture penetrates cracks, causing mold growth and air quality issues.  
  • As the foundation settles unevenly, doors and windows may become challenging to open and close.  

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for structural repair solutions that reinforce your foundation, prevent further damage, and ensure an overall healthier home.  

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Foundation Wall Crack Repair  

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has been aiding homeowners in addressing foundation damage and preventing potential future issues for over a decade. Our certified technicians have the expertise to evaluate the condition of your foundation and recommend customized repair solutions. Utilizing advanced technology and proven techniques, we permanently stabilize cracked walls. 

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation estimate for foundation wall crack repair in your residence. Protect your home investment and gain peace of mind with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s foundation and basement wall crack repair.


The cost of foundation repair depends on several factors, such as your home’s size, the extent of damage, the chosen repair method, and any required permits. We strive to work within your budget by offering flexible financing options. Schedule a free inspection for a repair cost estimate.  

Most foundation wall crack repairs require 1-2 days, and you can remain in your home during the repair process. Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a free inspection and repair timeline. 

Foundation repair is generally not covered by standard homeowners’ insurance. Yet, a separate foundation maintenance policy can assist in alleviating expenses. If you are unsure of your coverage, we recommend contacting your insurance provider.

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