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Cracks in Basement Walls

Does your wall look like a cracked egg? This is a sign of foundation damage. While cracks are common in many basements, they are by no means something to take lightly. 

Neglecting these cracks jeopardizes the structural integrity of your basement and paves the way for water to get inside. Though tackling these cracks may seem difficult, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado makes the process stress-free. 

We’re prepared to evaluate the condition of your basement walls, identify the reasons behind the cracks, and propose tried-and-true solutions for enduring results. With the insights presented here, you’ll learn why wall cracks appear and the most effective measures for halting their progression. 

What is a Basement Wall Crack? 

A basement wall crack is any break, tear, or opening in the perimeter of your basement’s structure. They occur when external pressure builds next to your basement walls. 

While not necessarily a sign of immediate foundation failure, these cracks deserve urgent attention to prevent them from getting bigger. Without prompt action, you could end up dealing with water infiltration and structural issues. 

Every crack is unique—its position, nature, pattern, and dimensions dictate its seriousness and the approach needed for repair. During our inspection process, we analyze each visible crack to identify what may have caused it and decide the most suitable repair options for your home. 

What Causes Cracks in Basement Walls? 

Numerous underlying causes contribute to basement wall cracks. During our assessment, our professionals identify these triggers, and help you understand them better. 

Soil Movement and Settling 

Soil around and beneath your basement shifts naturally over time. Sometimes, this happens because of erosion brought on by heavy rain or snow. Other times, it occurs because of dry conditions that cause soil to shrink. 

Either way, when the ground shifts, it can’t adequately support the weight of your basement walls, causing them to crack. Uneven soil settling from inadequately compacted backfill also creates stress points. 

Hydrostatic Pressure 

After precipitation events, underground water builds and exerts substantial pressure. When this force acts on basement walls, it triggers bowing and distortion. This phenomenon is known as hydrostatic pressure. 

Eventually, this pressure overwhelms the tensile strength of concrete, and horizontal fissures appear, usually near the junction where the wall meets the floor. 

Seasonal Temperature Fluctuations 

Cyclical freezing and thawing of the seasons exert stress on the foundation because of repeated expansion and contraction. Often, vertical fissures manifest at external corners of the wall during this process. 

Expanding Tree Roots 

Growing tree roots often put pressure on your foundation as they seek moisture. Such force can compromise weak areas in basement walls, particularly near the exterior boundaries where roots can readily reach. 

Proper identification of the causes behind basement wall cracks helps us determine the most effective repair strategies. Regardless of the cause, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado offers tailor-made solutions to counteract these cracking forces. 

Is Repairing Cracked Basement Walls Possible? 

Absolutely, yes! Modern advancements in basement repair technology mean you don’t have to replace an entire wall to resolve cracks. Partner with us to fortify your walls, seal fissures, and provide ongoing protection. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado employs various wall reinforcement methods to defend your basement walls against future cracking. Our warrantied solutions ensure your basement stays secure, steady, and moisture-free for the long haul. 

Our Process for Repairing Cracked Basement Walls 

Our repair process has earned the trust of numerous homeowners for its attention to detail and efficiency. Here’s what to expect when you collaborate with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado: 

1. Detailed Assessment 

We come to your home and thoroughly inspect all visible cracks. This helps us pinpoint their location, size, pattern, and type. This process allows us to understand whether settling, lateral water pressure, root intrusion, or thermal fluctuations are to blame. Our engineers also evaluate your home’s soil conditions and overall foundation health

2. Install Wall Reinforcement 

We use industry-leading wall reinforcement tools erasures to fortify weak walls and prevent future cracking. Our options include: 

3. Include Moisture Control Measures 

Basement waterproofing is also a great way to prevent basement wall cracks and it’s highly recommended to be used alongside our wall repair options.  

We install an internal drainage system, industrial-grade dehumidifier, basement wall vapor barrier, and more to help defend against moisture penetration caused by wall cracks. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado uses top-tier solutions specifically tailored to meet your basement’s needs. Decades of experience in handling basement wall cracks make us experts in reinforcing and preserving your home’s foundational strength. 

The Urgency of Addressing Cracked Walls 

Immediate action is imperative when dealing with cracked walls. Delay can lead to: 

  • Cracks get worse due to ongoing external forces, sometimes at an alarming rate. 
  • Widening cracks encourage water intrusion, are susceptible to soil erosion, and increase the risk of mold. 
  • Ignoring cracks could lead to further settling, floor sinking, and compromising of load-bearing structures. 
  • Costs escalate as fissures get bigger, not to mention additional costs due to water-induced damage. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado delivers prompt, reliable solutions to not only mend existing cracks but stabilize your basement walls with long-lasting durability. We go beyond mere surface repairs—instead, we solve the underlying issues to provide a real solution. 

Reach Out to Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Professional Crack Solutions 

Don’t brush off wall cracks—they’re a serious issue that could lead to home damage or injury. Work with our professional repair team to keep your home safe. 

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we employ state-of-the-art techniques to remediate existing cracks and bolster your basement’s foundation. We provide no-obligation, extensive basement evaluations.  

Contact us now to schedule yours! Don’t settle for fleeting cosmetic fixes; choose Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for thorough and enduring foundation repairs. 


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