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Crawl Space Dehumidifier Installation

Crawlspace dehumidifier

Did you know that dark, damp crawl spaces create unhealthy living conditions inside your home? You don’t have to tolerate high humidity or poor indoor air quality—there is a way to prevent these issues.

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado transforms damp crawl spaces into clean, dry areas using our comprehensive AquaStop™ crawl space dehumidifier.  

As leading crawl space experts serving Grand Junction, Aspen, and other cities in Colorado and Utah, we solve moisture issues to ensure your home’s structural stability stands firm. 

Explore this page to learn about our proprietary crawl space repair and dehumidifier installation services.

What is a Crawl Space Dehumidifier? 

crawl space dehumidifier

Crawl space dehumidifiers remove moist air from the area beneath your home. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we use the AquaStop™ air system. 

AquaStop™ is much more than a typical dehumidifier – it’s a complete moisture management solution specifically tailored to control the hazards of a damp crawl space

Its commercial-grade performance is seamlessly designed to maintain dry, breathable crawl space environments, reducing wood rot, pests, musty odors, and mold growth. A crawl space dehumidifier works best as part of a comprehensive crawl space encapsulation system. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado ensures that every component of our air system integrates into a total encapsulation system for the most efficient moisture management possible. 

Signs You Need a Crawl Space Dehumidifier 

Here are the signs that you should install a specialized crawl space dehumidifier:

damp, moldy crawl space

Unchecked crawl space moisture leads to severe issues. Our targeted dehumidifier system safeguards your home by controlling humidity and improving air quality.

Is a Crawl Space Dehumidifier Necessary? 

crew member installing crawl space dehumidifier

High-powered, professional crawl space dehumidifier installation is a valuable investment for any home. If crawl space humidity levels remain unchecked and ventilation is inadequate, moisture will continue growing, allowing major infestations of wood rot, mold, and odorous mildew. Uncontained moisture also accelerates corrosion in pipes and ductwork, rots critical support beams and sheathing, warps flooring, and degrades insulation performance.  

Acting early to address crawl space moisture is crucial for homeowners. Installing a dehumidifier and fully encapsulating the space protects your home’s structure and promotes healthier indoor air year-round. Contact a local crawl space professional like Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a free inspection and expert repair solutions.

The Benefits of a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

After installation by our expert technicians, homeowners can expect numerous benefits from our specialized whole-home crawl space air system, including: 

man and woman relaxing on couch hands behind their heads and eyes closed
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: A crawl space dehumidifier manages humidity levels, minimizing the mold and wood rot that impacts indoor air quality. 
  • Enhanced Structural Stability: Maintaining ideal humidity levels between 30-40% with dehumidifiers protects your home’s structural integrity from the damaging effects of moisture.
  • Better Energy Efficiency: Removing humidity enables heating and cooling appliances to operate more efficiently.
  • Pest Deterrence: Our crawl space dehumidifier deters pests by permanently removing the damp, rotting conditions that attract them.

Crawl space dehumidifier installation provides complete home protection, providing homeowners peace of mind. Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for expert service in Aspen, Durango, Grand Junction, and surrounding areas.

How We Install a Crawl Space Dehumidifier 

Our crawl space dehumidifier is just one part of a comprehensive moisture management system. The AquaStop™ air system is compatible with our other encapsulation solutions. Here’s what the process looks like: 

clean, encapsulated crawl space with dehumidifier
  • Encapsulating the crawl space with a professional-grade vapor barrier
  • Installing our energy-efficient dehumidifier to regulate humidity. 
  • Connecting the dehumidifier to the sump pump or other waterproofing systems. 
  • Providing annual maintenance checks for lasting protection. 

Since 2005, Colorado and Utah homeowners have trusted our process, designed for efficiency. Consider us for professional, long-lasting results every time. 

Why Our Crawl Space Dehumidifier is the Best Choice 

Our crawl space dehumidifiers use advanced, commercial-grade technology to outperform alternatives, providing:

crawl space dehumidifier closeup
  • Our system removes up to 100 pints of moisture daily, making it ideal for residential crawl spaces as large as 1,500 square feet.
  • Self-draining design with factory float switch automatically empties the unit when needed 
  • 23-foot remote wall mount controller with digital metrics allows adjustments without entering the crawl space 
  • Optional ducting connects the system for maximum air circulation as needed 
  • Robust limited warranty by Foundation Repair of Western Colorado 
  • High-efficiency ENERGY STAR-rated operation focuses on energy efficiency
  • Financing options available

With almost 20 years of experience protecting homes in western Colorado and Utah, our crawl space dehumidification system is the region’s premier choice. This unrivaled commercial-grade equipment effectively manages humidity, ensuring a healthier home environment.

Get Crawl Space Dehumidifier Installation in Colorado Today!

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Don’t lose another night’s sleep stressing over persistent dampness, high moisture readings, or rampant humidity issues lurking under your home. Our team is deeply familiar with the unique challenges posed by our state’s climate – and we’re equipped with the solutions to match. 

Contact us today to schedule your free inspection with our crawl space and foundation experts. We proudly serve Colorado and Utah, including Aspen, Durango, Grand Junction, and surrounding areas.

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    Crawl Space Dehumidifier FAQs

    Following removing any standing water, our experts install a perimeter drainage system to capture leaking water, which is then directed to a sump pump. Drainage matting also aids in guiding water to these systems. Crawl space encapsulation, insulation, and dehumidification are vital components as well. Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for further information and to arrange a free inspection.

    To effectively prevent water intrusion in your crawl space, waterproofing solutions such as an interior drainage system and a sump pump are crucial. Moisture management and encapsulation measures like vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and insulation also provide comprehensive protection for your crawl space. Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a free crawl space inspection and estimate. 

    DIY methods might seem tempting, but we strongly discourage them. Air fresheners, standard dehumidifiers, and DIY encapsulation offer only temporary relief without addressing the fundamental cause of musty odors. Professional crawl space encapsulation from Foundation Repair of Western Colorado ensures effective, durable, high-quality materials and repair.  

    Contact us to discover more and schedule a free crawl space inspection


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