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Sagging Floors

Sagging floors are not just an eyesore—they’re a sign that your home’s structure is at risk. Without immediate help and expert intervention, you and your loved ones are put at risk for injury. 

These issues often originate from your crawl space, with culprits like moisture or pest infestations. When left unchecked, these problems can quickly escalate, compromising the well-being of your entire residence. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has helped homeowners with sagging floors time and time again. We offer a modern solution as part of our crawl space repair services. On this page, you’ll gain insights into the causes and symptoms of sagging floors, why they should be promptly addressed, and how our services can aid you. 

What Are Sagging Floors? 

Noticeable slopes or dips in your flooring point to sagging floors. These occur when the underlying support, such as floor joists, fails to support the weight above, jeopardizing the structural integrity of your home. 

Along with sagging, your home may experience other signs of damage such as: 

Ignoring these signs can lead to severe disrepair, where floors might completely detach from their supports in your crawl space. Proactive repairs are crucial to maintain your home’s structure and ensure safety. 

What Causes Sagging Floors? 

Several factors, many of which are beyond your control, can lead to sagging floors. Being informed can help you recognize problems early on. 

Watch out for the following: 

  • Moisture in the Crawl Space: Excess water caused by rain or snow eventually leads to rotting wood supports in your crawl space. 
  • Infestations Below Your Home: Termites and similar pests can damage wooden structures as they eat away at the structure. 
  • Floor Joist Issues: Incorrectly spaced floor joists (also called over spanned floor joists) won’t provide sufficient support for the floor. 
  • Faulty Installation: Poor initial installation can cause floors to sag over time. This isn’t in your control, but it can be fixed. 
  • Foundation Settling: Shifts in the foundation cause support beams in your crawl space to become misaligned, leading to a sagging floor. 
  • House Aging: Sometimes a house just gets old. Without proper maintenance, deterioration occurs slowly over time and causes sagging floors. 

Addressing the root cause quickly with professional aid is key to an enduring solution. 

Can You Fix Sagging Floors? 

Sagging floors can indeed be fixed, but it’s a job for professionals with the right materials and know-how. Temporary fixes or DIY methods often fall short of resolving the underlying issues. 

How We Fix Sagging Floors 

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, our comprehensive repair process for sagging floors involves: 

  • Conducting an in-depth inspection to pinpoint damage and plan the appropriate repairs. 
  • Custom-fitting our steel IntelliJack™ supports for the specific needs of your crawl space. 
  • Laying a stable concrete base in the crawl space for the jacks to rest on. 
  • Installing IntelliJack™ supports and securely connecting them to the floor joists. 
  • Adjusting the jacks as needed to provide solid stabilization. 
  • Implementing crawl space waterproofing measures like drainage systems or sump pumps
  • Sealing and insulating the crawl space. 
  • Encapsulating with a high-quality vapor barrier
  • Installing a dehumidifier to manage moisture levels. 
  • Providing ongoing maintenance to ensure a permanent solution. 

Our IntelliJack™ system is engineered to provide robust support, with the flexibility to be adjusted over time, potentially re-leveling your floors. 

Why Address Sagging Floors Now 

Acting against sagging floors immediately comes with several benefits: 

  • Prevent Further Damage: Addressing the issue early stops more severe deterioration in the future. 
  • Sidestep Costly Repairs: Delaying repairs could lead to more expensive, complex fixes as the problem gets worse. 
  • Ensure Safety: You’ll remove hazards and make your home safer. 
  • Protect Your Investment: A structurally sound home retains its market value and is easier to sell. 

Don’t delay—stabilize your home’s foundation with our dependable solutions and get your floors back to being firm and level. Act today to protect your most significant asset—your home. 

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Reliable Sagging Floor Solutions 

Notice early signs of sagging floors? Act fast for a definitive fix. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado is your trusted partner in crawl space repair. 

Our IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks and comprehensive services ensure your home stands on a robust foundation. Schedule your no-cost inspection today to secure your home’s safety! 


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