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Sinking Porch

There’s nothing like enjoying an evening on the porch. It’s a great place to cook some burgers for the family or simply enjoy the sunset.

But if your porch is made of concrete, it could run into some issues over time. Concrete is not very flexible, so changing temperatures and shifting soil may cause your porch to sink.

If you notice your porch sinking into the ground, don’t wait—consider working with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado. With the most durable concrete lifting methods in Colorado, we’ll make your porch safe to use again.

Learn why your porch is sinking and what you can do to fix it.

What Is a Sinking Porch?

A sinking porch is easy to spot: if the porch (or sections of it) looks like it is descending into the ground, you know you’ve got a sinking porch.

Issues with the underlying soil or foundational stability are often the underlying cause. Some side effects of a sinking porch are cracks and misalignment. 

This doesn’t just affect the look; it also causes safety hazards like tripping. In fact, a sinking porch is usually a sign that other concrete on your property has a chance of being damaged as well. This includes:

These issues demand urgent care and expert solutions to stop further degradation and to uphold the home’s structural soundness. Connect with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado when these signs appear.

Why Your Home Has a Sinking Porch

There’s usually more than one reason your porch is sinking. Multiple factors play into concrete damage, so keep an eye out for the following:

  • Soil Compression: The ground beneath a porch can compact over time, causing differential settlement and sinking concrete.
  • Ground Erosion: Water seeping beneath the porch might wash away soil, making parts of the concrete drop into newly formed underground gaps. 
  • Freeze-thaw Patterns: Fluctuating freezing and melting conditions, especially in expansive grounds, can lead to Sinking areas in the porch.
  • Tree Roots: Trees absorbing water from nearby soil might cause uneven settling as the soil dries out. Root movement also pushes against the porch, affecting its stability.
  • Inadequate Concrete Practices: Flaws during the concrete laying or curing stage can later manifest as weaknesses, leading to potential sinking.

Overlooking these factors can magnify the degradation, jeopardizing both the porch and the home’s foundation. Prompt intervention ensures comprehensive restoration.

Is It Possible to Repair a Sinking Porch?

Yes, it is   possible! However, we recommend staying away from DIY and outdated methods. Store-bought sealants usually won’t hold up to Colorado’s weather conditions and mudjacking is an old concrete lifting technique that simply doesn’t last. 

Instead, you need a solution that solves the underlying causes behind concrete damage. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado uses a leading method that tackles concrete issues at the source. 

Our solution is called PolyRenewal™, and it’s one of the most durable, long-lasting concrete solutions on the market. This polyurethane foam solution fills voids below your concrete porch and then expands to push things back to a safe level.It cures quickly and provides lasting support for years to come. Depending on the degree of damage and your home’s foundational structure, we might also implement solutions like foundation piers.

Steps to Address a Sinking Porch

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s exclusive SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ system can gently elevate and fortify your concrete without total replacement. The procedure entails:

  • Free initial inspection to identify issues and determine the best solution. 
  • Drilling tiny holes in the damaged porch sections. 
  • Setting up injection ports in these holes. 
  • Injecting PolyRenewal™ into the holes where it flows beneath the porch. 
  • The polyurethane solution expands, hardening and filling any voids in the soil. 
  • The concrete slab is elevated, the underlying soil becomes compressed and stable. 
  • After the concrete is lifted, the injection ports are removed and drilled sections are smoothed out. 
  • Applying a specialized sealant to any surface cracks ensures further protection. 

One of the major benefits of PolyRenewal™ is that it allows you to avoid complete concrete replacement. You’ll save time and money in the long run!

Reasons to Address a Sinking Porch Promptly

If you repair your concrete porch quickly, you can benefit from the following:

  • Immediate Safety: A sinking porch is a risk, especially for elderly guests. Correcting it minimizes accident chances.
  • Prevent Aggravation: Neglected, a sinking porch exacerbates, leading to rapid deterioration. Proactive measures can save significant repair costs.
  • Avoid Water Problems: A sinking porch leaning towards the house can cause water seepage, damaging house sidings and causing leaks.
  • Uphold Property Worth: A repaired porch enhances home aesthetics and sustains its market value.
  • Safeguard Your Home: The issues causing a sinking porch can also affect the home’s foundation. Prompt repairs ensure foundational safety.
  • Enhance Usability: A sunken porch diminishes its utility. Lifting and repairs restore its functionality.

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s proprietary techniques for sinking porches use innovative products that outclass those from mainstream retailers or competitors.

Reach Out to Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Trustworthy Concrete Elevation Solutions

A sinking porch is more than just an aesthetic concern. It has a large impact on your home’s safety and structural stability. Consider working with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for the state’s best concrete lifting solutions.

Residents across Western Colorado have relied on us for nearly 20 years, trusting our leading repair strategies and exceptional customer service. Contact us for a complimentary, no-strings-attached evaluation and say goodbye to your sinking porch.


Our team takes utmost care to ensure minimal disruption to your property. Plus, PolyRenewal™ is a very light material, so it won’t affect your soil too much. While some minor disturbances might occur during the repair process, we strive to leave the area as close to its original state as possible and will communicate any potential impacts beforehand.

No, in most cases, you won’t need to vacate your home. Our repair methods are designed to be minimally invasive. However, for safety reasons, we recommend staying clear of the repair area while work is in progress.

One of the best parts about using PolyRenewal™ is that it cures in about 30 minutes. While it’s recommended to wait at least a day before painting or adding heavy decorations, you could realistically start using your porch the same day the repair is finished. Still, our team will provide specific guidance based on the repairs done.

*Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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