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Sinking Concrete Slab

Your home is made up of many parts, one of the most important being its foundation. If your home happens to have a concrete slab foundation, you should be aware of the risks.

Concrete slabs are used for all types of common home structures including patios, porches, and pool decks. Keeping them protected from damage makes your home a safer place overall.

As homeowners ourselves, we understand the desire to make your home as safe as possible. You deserve a property that allows you to relax and make memories with your loved ones.

With the most durable concrete lifting methods in Colorado, we’ll make your concrete safe to use again. After reading this page, you’ll understand why concrete structures sink and what you can do to fix them.

What Is a Sinking Concrete Slab?

A sinking concrete slab happens when a concrete area starts to descend unevenly, resulting in noticeable depressions or breakages. This not only detracts from your home’s visual appeal but also introduces potential trip hazards.

Spotting and rectifying a sinking slab promptly can avert compounded damage, minimize risks, and rejuvenate the space’s utility and charm. Hence, it’s imperative to reach out to local concrete remedy experts like Foundation Repair of Western Colorado upon observing any concrete deterioration.

What Causes a Sinking Concrete Slab?

Multiple factors can lead to a concrete slab’s decline:

  • Ground Settlement: Over time, the ground shifts and settles, leading to sinking concrete. This is often seen in yards filled with soil that isn’t compacted well enough.
  • Ground Erosion: Issues with water drainage or soil movement will erode the ground beneath concrete, making it too weak to support the slab.
  • Heavy Rains: Ground saturated from heavy rainfalls or snow can damage concrete over time. Persistent moisture also erodes and softens the ground below it.
  • Inefficient Drainage: Flawed drainage systems cause water accumulation near the concrete, exacerbating ground issues.
  • Plant Roots: Growing roots can displace ground, resulting in slab cracks and elevations. Decaying roots create ground voids, causing slabs to decline.
  • Weather Cycles: Constant freeze-thaw cycles cause the ground to expand and retract, influencing ground movement beneath slabs.
  • Construction Flaws: Oversights during groundwork, base compaction, and concrete setting can subsequently lead to slab decline and fractures.

Timely intervention on these root issues is essential to prevent escalated structural harm to your dwelling’s base.

Can You Fix a Sinking Concrete Slab?

Absolutely, fixing a sinking concrete slab is possible. Early detection and repair are vital as prolonged deterioration narrows down repair alternatives.

The lasting remedy hinges on correctly identifying and managing the root cause. Merely using techniques like mudjacking or gravel filling can lead to persistent decline.

An exhaustive strategy is crucial for enduring repair and shielding. Tackling all root causes using modern methods and tools ensures optimal outcomes and avoids recurrences.

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado employs the PolyRenewal™ system, a polyurethane injection technique that elevates exterior sinking concrete slabs. For homes with foundational challenges, we use varied methods, including specialized foundation piers, to permanently stabilize the affected base.

Every residence has unique repair needs. Reach out to our specialists to identify the right remedy for your home.

How to Fix a Sinking Concrete Slab

When installing PolyRenewal™ to elevate sinking concrete slabs, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado follows an efficient workflow:

  • Free initial inspection to identify issues and determine the best solution. 
  • Drilling tiny holes in the damaged concrete sections. 
  • Setting up injection ports in these holes. 
  • Injecting PolyRenewal™ into the holes where it flows beneath the concrete. 
  • The polyurethane solution expands, hardening and filling any voids in the soil. 
  • The concrete slab is elevated, and the underlying soil becomes stable. 
  • After the concrete is lifted, the injection ports are removed and drilled sections are smoothed out. 
  • Applying a specialized sealant to the cracks ensures further protection. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s tailored products cater to specific challenges more adeptly than generic alternatives, assuring unmatched resilience and quality.

Why Address a Sinking Concrete Slab Now

Prompt professional inspection and repair of sinking concrete slabs are vital for:

  • Overall Safety: Unequal slabs pose tripping hazards, especially to the elderly, kids, and those with mobility challenges.
  • Stopping Movement: Without apt repairs, concrete slabs will keep sinking and cracking.
  • Structural Concerns: Ground inconsistencies leading to slab decline can also harm walls and bases if overlooked.
  • Moisture Challenges: Sinking slabs enable water accumulation, causing moisture harm, mold growth, and fissures. Outdoor water pooling issues include flawed drainage and pest attraction.
  • Aesthetic and Home Value: Fractured, unequal slabs detract from visual appeal and potential market value.

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, with its distinctive solutions, is pivotal in holistically addressing these issues. PolyRenewal™ provides a leading, enduring fix that distinguishes it from other market options.

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Dependable Concrete Elevation Solutions

Waiting to fix sinking concrete only leads to bigger problems. Upon identifying signs of sinking, settling, or unequal concrete slabs in your property, get in touch with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a complimentary assessment and quote.

The PolyRenewal™ foam injection procedure allows for swift and precise slab elevation. No matter your home’s needs, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado offers top-tier solutions for its protection, stability, and longevity.


Absolutely! Regular maintenance checks, ensuring proper water drainage away from concrete areas, sealing cracks promptly, and avoiding excessive weight or stress on surfaces can all help in prolonging the life of concrete surfaces and minimizing risks of sinking.

While many sinking concrete slabs can be repaired with PolyRenewal™, there are instances where the damage is so extensive that a full replacement is the only option. This is usually when concrete is crumbling and barely holding its structure at all. Using concrete lifting techniques won’t fix the structure in this case.

While some noise and work activity are inevitable during a concrete lifting job, we make every effort to work efficiently and keep the work area clean. Most repairs can be completed within a day or two, and PolyRenewal™ is made of a light material that won’t disrupt your yard. We’ll provide details upfront so you can plan accordingly.

*Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Foundation Repair of Western Colorado does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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