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Cracked Concrete

Even though concrete is known for its strength, it’s not immune to damage. Over time, concrete can develop cracks and other damage that affect your home and loved ones.

Not only is cracked concrete unsightly, but it also poses significant safety and structural risks. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we understand how to address these challenges. 

With the most durable concrete lifting methods in Colorado, we’ll make your concrete safe to use again. Learn why your concrete is cracking and what you can do to fix it. 

What Is Cracked Concrete? 

Cracked concrete is characterized by lines, breaks, or splits on the concrete surfaces of your home. This degradation can vary from slight surface fissures to deep splits that jeopardize the concrete’s stability. 

It’s common to find cracks on various concrete structures such as: 

Cracking can be accompanied by other issues like: 

Cracks and associated damage diminish the aesthetic appeal of your property and create potential tripping and safety risks. Addressing these issues promptly is vital to avert additional damage. 

Why Your Home Has Cracked Concrete 

There are multiple factors that may cause cracked concrete. Often, these issues appear simultaneously, so look out for: 

  • Soil erosion 
  • Heavy rainfall, flooding, or snowmelt 
  • Sinking sections of concrete 
  • Freeze and thaw cycles 
  • Inadequate drainage systems 
  • Aggressive tree roots 
  • Poor concrete installation 
  • Complications during the curing process 
  • Ordinary wear over time 

These elements weaken the concrete and can severely threaten your home’s foundation. Movement and settling of the soil underneath the concrete, coupled with external factors and weather changes, can lead to cracks, which can introduce long-term structural and safety challenges if neglected. 

Can You Fix Cracked Concrete? 

Absolutely, repairing cracked concrete is possible. Addressing the problem early is vital, as extensive damage can reduce repair options. 

Resorting to temporary solutions like sealing or conventional methods such as mudjacking won’t rectify the root causes. Over time, the damage will increase, making repairs more intricate and costly. 

A comprehensive approach that tackles the core issues is essential. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we go beyond superficial fixes to guarantee long-term results and future prevention. 

We use the innovative PolyRenewal™ technique to elevate and mend exterior concrete surfaces showing signs of cracking and sinking. For homes with foundational concerns, our specialists might suggest other methods like foundation or slab piers tailored to stabilize and possibly lift sinking slab foundations. 

Every home has unique challenges. Our team will assess your property and devise the perfect long-term strategies to rectify your concrete and foundational issues permanently. 

How to Fix Cracked Concrete 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado’s method to lift and repair cracked concrete follows these steps every time: 

  • Comprehensive inspection to pinpoint root causes and devise solutions 
  • Drilling tiny holes in the affected concrete 
  • Installing injection ports within these holes 
  • Combining a two-component, closed-cell polyurethane foam (PolyRenewal™
  • Injecting this foam beneath the concrete 
  • Overseeing the foam’s expansion and the concrete’s elevation 
  • Allowing a 15-minute curing period for the foam 
  • Detaching the injection ports 
  • Sealing the holes and ensuring a polished finish 
  • Sealing fissures and joints for added protection 
  • Regular maintenance for continued protection 

We feature top-tier products tailored to address your specific challenges more efficiently. Our exclusive products, like PolyRenewal™, offer accurate and swift concrete elevation, reviving the stability and appearance of slabs. 

Why Address Cracked Concrete Now 

Addressing cracked concrete promptly is essential for: 

  • Avoiding More Damage: Acting early halts further deterioration, ensuring your home’s stability. 
  • Overall Safety: Immediate fixes reduce safety risks, creating a safer space for your family. 
  • Maintaining Property Value: Upkeeping concrete structures helps retain or even boost your home’s market value. 

Postponing repairs can exacerbate issues. To comprehensively solve cracked concrete challenges, turn to Foundation Repair of Western Colorado and our modern, exclusive solutions fashioned for supreme, enduring outcomes. 

Contact Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Trustworthy Concrete Elevating Solutions 

Rely on Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for efficient and dependable concrete elevating solutions, safeguarding your property’s worth and safety. Reach out today for a complimentary, no-commitment inspection and relish the confidence our expert, consistent services bring. 

Our specialists evaluate cracked concrete to uncover the true source, and then devise a personalized remedy. We promise lasting, warrantied concrete fixes that eliminate risks, avert further cracking, and make your concrete look better!


Cracking can start as early as a few days after pouring if the conditions are not ideal, but some cracks might only appear years later due to wear and tear or other external factors. It’s crucial to monitor the concrete, especially in the first few weeks, to ensure its curing without any adverse issues. 

Yes, the freeze-thaw cycle can lead to the expansion and contraction of concrete, often resulting in cracks. PolyRenewal™ can help minimize this issue because it’s waterproof and won’t allow water to penetrate right below the concrete. It’s also essential to ensure proper drainage to prevent water from collecting and freezing in and around the concrete. 

Hairline cracks are tiny, often less than 1/8 inch wide, and mostly cosmetic. Structural cracks, however, are wider, extend deeper into the slab, and may indicate a more significant issue with the foundation. While hairline cracks are usually not a cause for concern, structural cracks require immediate attention

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