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IntelliJacks in crawl space

Crawl Space Jacks

The IntelliJack™ is a supplemental support system for crawl space applications.

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The IntelliJack™ is a supplemental support system for crawl space applications. The IntelliJack™ effectively supports sagging beams and floor joists caused by:

IntelliJacks in crawl space
  • Length of span greater than spanning capability of the members,
  • Floor load added after construction, exceeding design values, and
  • Weakening of members over time due to high moisture and rot.

The IntelliJack™ may also be used as a supplemental column support where an existing column and pier foundation has settled.

Allowable Capacity

The allowable system capacity of the assembled IntelliJack™ steel components is 30 kips (30,000 pounds). Axial compression tests completed at an independent laboratory on the assembled IntelliJack™ system, with and without a pre cast concrete footing, resulted in ultimate values between 56 kips and 90 kips.

While the rigidity and strength of the IntelliJack™ components benefit installation and overall product stability, the allowable load applied to the IntelliJack™ system will nearly always be limited by the bearing capacity of the existing soil.

The well-compacted crushed stone or recycled concrete base is a proven method to increase support for the higher bearing pressure condition immediately below the concrete footing, and then to absorb and distribute lower pressures to the existing soils. Except in extreme soft conditions, allowable loads on the order of 10 to 15 kips are typically achievable without future appreciable settlement.

Should settlement of the IntelliJack™ system occur, adjustments are made easily by extending the all-thread rod.

The IntelliJack™ is designed to support axial compression loads only. The IntelliJack™ should not be used in applications where the system is intended to resist lateral loads.

Corrosion Protection

The tube steel used for the IntelliJack is manufactured with a triple-layer, in-line galvanized coating.

This coating process consists of:

(1) A uniform hot-dip zinc galvanizing layer

(2) An intermediate conversion coating to inhibit the formation of white rust and enhance corrosion resistance;

(3) A clear organic top coating to further enhance appearance and durability. The inside of the pier tube also has a zinc-rich coating.

The remaining steel components of the IntelliJack™ come standard as zinc-plated in accordance with ASTM B633, “Standard Specification for Electrode-posited Coatings of Zinc on Iron and Steel”.

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