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BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System

Navigating through the complexities of a moisture-laden, flood-prone basement can be daunting for homeowners. It not only makes your living environment unpleasant but also risks the structural soundness of your dwelling.

This is where our BasementGutter™ indoor drainage system can help. It is a durable, reliable remedy for your basement’s dampness issues. As the leading basement waterproofing experts in Colorado, we bring you drainage solutions custom-fit to address your distinctive requirements.

Explore this page and discover why opting for an unparalleled indoor drainage system is vital in ensuring a dry basement, contributing to a safer home overall.

What is Interior Drainage?

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado understands how frustrating it is to have water in your basement. It makes the space uncomfortable, and it could even lead to poor air quality.

BasementGutter™ is an innovative drainage system positioned along your basement’s internal perimeter. It adeptly guides water trickling down the walls or emerging from the wall-floor joints toward your sump pump for expulsion.

The setup occurs within the sub-floor, thoughtfully located above the footing to avoid the “mud zone,” ensuring a design resilient against blockage. A 3/8” wall flange allows water leaking from the walls to enter the Interior Drainage system effortlessly.

This drainage apparatus is pivotal in a thorough home waterproofing plan, providing a healthy and peaceful living environment.

Signs You Need Interior Drainage

Noticing any of these indications signals that it’s imperative to consider establishing an interior drainage system:

Ignoring these signs will only cause further damage in the future. Consult a credible local professional like Foundation Repair of Western Colorado upon noticing these signals.

Swift action can safeguard your home from severe damage and circumvent substantial repair costs.

Is Interior Drainage Necessary?

Yes. Neglecting to install a proper indoor drainage system puts your basement at risk, making it more likely for issues such as mold growth or flooding to occur in your basement.

Note that DIY fixes and superficial repairs are not recommended. They only provide a temporary solution, rarely solving the underlying issues causing basement water. 

The task of waterproofing your basement is best left to trained professionals, such as our team at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado.

Benefits of an Interior Drainage System?

  • Shields Against Water Damage: An interior drainage system adeptly redirects water from walls and flooring, eliminates standing water, and protects your possessions while mitigating mold threats.
  • Coordinates with Other Solutions: It is engineered to work in tandem with our other waterproofing solutions, providing protection from all types of water damage.
  • Enhances Foundation: By steering water away from walls and flooring, it preserves the foundation’s vitality, thwarting deterioration and fissures.
  • Ensures Peace of Mind: Our dependable drainage system ensures potent water management, reducing worries, even amidst substantial rain!

To fully leverage these advantages, utilizing our specialized products and services is vital. Our solutions are designed to surpass generic products, providing long-lasting defense.

How We Install BasementGutter™ Internal Drainage

After our experts meticulously inspect your home and confirm the need for the indoor drainage system, our installation procedure involves:

  • Excavating 6-12 inches of concrete along the internal perimeter.
  • Drilling weep holes in the lower blocks of the walls to facilitate water movement.
  • Positioning the drainage within the trench and backfilling with gravel.
  • Attaching a vapor barrier to the walls above for additional protection.
  • Linking the drainage conduit to a sump pump.
  • Refilling the removed concrete floor sections with fresh cement.

Our inclusive waterproofing process also includes installing a dehumidifier and an anti-freeze discharge line attachment. Together with BasementGutter™, your dwelling is safeguarded against every type of moisture!

Rely on Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for proficient installation and enduring results.

Why Choose Our Interior Drainage for Your Home?

The BasementGutter Interior Drainage System is characterized by its innovative attributes and reliability, which include:

  • Advanced anti-blockage design
  • Swiftly captures water from walls, flooring, and wall-floor joints
  • Flawless integration with other waterproofing solutions
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Optional annual maintenance plans

Whereas alternative drainage options often underperform due to blockages, the BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage, exclusive to Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, stands out as the optimal choice for the long haul.

Connect with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for Interior Drainage Solutions Today!

Don’t allow a water-infiltrated basement to undermine your property’s value and safety. Work with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for reliable, superior solutions. Contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation inspection.

Our groundbreaking drainage system delivers unparalleled protection for your most precious assets. Homeowners in Colorado have trusted us to fortify and revitalize their homes for years. We’re here to assist you too.

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