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Vicinity of in Montrose
Looking to buy a house and see that it is on a rock foundation that is crumbling. What we would like an estimate on is how much to lift the house and put a new foundation in. Thanks. 1250 square feet
Vicinity of Ironton St. in Montrose
Hi, I bought a house last year and recently noticed a few developing stress cracks in dry wall. Upon inspection of foundation in crawl space, I noticed a few small cracks in the concrete. Right now the problem doesn't look serious, but I would like to have someone certified to take a look at it. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Montrose
I just bought a small house in Montrose. I did have a home inspection before the purchase and they did recommend that I hire an engineer to take a look at the foundation. There appears to be some settling. I just had a big plumbing job done and now I'm ready to take on the foundation issues.
Vicinity of Lot Ave in Montrose
Buying a foreclosure home 1946, heard that the floors were uneven
Vicinity of Main Street in Montrose
We have a commercial building in downtown Montrose. The SW corner of the building is showing 1/4" to 1" gaps along the cmu joints about 2 to 4 blocks in each direction from the corner. The interior floor is a slab on grade that appears fine. The block appear to be on a concrete stem wall that is falling away from the rest of the building. The roof appears to be intact so far. This is a single story with the top of the wall about 10 feet high from the grade.
Vicinity of Stellar Pl. in Montrose
House has settlement issues that I want corrected; specifically the front of the house settled/dropped about 1 to 2 inches. The house was built in 1995, and I recently purchased the house, and plan to make changes but I want to first level the house in the front area.
Vicinity of Birch St in Montrose
Floor settlement, cracks in drywall near window. exterior brick movement, crack in foundation. House built in 1974, had negative exterior drainage around house for many years.
Vicinity of Brook Way in Montrose
Home settling problems.
Vicinity of Lost Creek Rd in Montrose
Entry side walk edge needs lifted. about one 5x4 foot slab. the others are fine.
Vicinity of Lobo Drive in Montrose
How much to lift the concrete in front and side of house?
Vicinity of Stratford Dr. in Montrose
Have a front porch slab that needs raised 3 inches. The slave is about 1' thick, wondering if you can do this?
Vicinity of Colina Dr. in Montrose
It seems that our foundation may be shifting. We live on the adobes. would like to know what can be done and costs.
Vicinity of S Townsend Ave in Montrose
Built in 1910. Full basement w/12" thick foundation walls installed later on but over the years water entry from uneven grading was ignored. Walls have stepped cracks & whenever it rains water trickles through. Need to stabilize condition espcially on south wall. All good gutters have been installed so that is taken care of. I just bought the bldg for my business. Thanks. Karen
Vicinity of in Montrose
Our radon test showed 14. I uncovered the air vents in the crawl space and opened them. The follow up test showed 4.0. Our house is 23 years old with a crawl space and is 30x40. Would covering the dirt floor with a heavy plastic and sealing it be the best thing to do and if so what would it cost.
Vicinity of Colona Drive in Montrose
I'm looking to buy a house but I'm afraid that the foundation has been repaired and it wasn't done properly I would like to know what it would cost to have a professional inspection done.
Vicinity of Sumac Ln - Log Hill in Montrose
A 12 ft. X 11 Ft. section of the garage floor has settled approximately 1-1/4 inches toward the end of that section nearest the house wall and house wall supporting foundation. The floor had crack joints and only one of the 4 sections of the floor has settled, apparently from poor compaction and the fact that it has had the heavies loads on it over the 17 years since it was installed. I'm interested in a quote to raise and stabilize that section of the garage floor. Thanks.
Vicinity of Tulip Circle in Montrose
You completed radon mitigation here a couple weeks ago. I used both your test kit and 2 test kits from the Montrose Cty Health Dept (repeating 2 pre-mitigation tests that I did in two 1st floor rooms). I got stuck on the Front Range in a storm and didn't get your kit closed up in time so it became invalid. I have the results from the 2 other tests if you would like copies of those. Basically the radon went from 9.1 to 0.7 in the master bedroom and 9.2 to 0.6 in the dining room between October and end of January; very successful mitigation! Let me know if you would like me to email you the test results of 0.7 and 0.6. Or you can send me another kit if you have to have testing with that method.
Vicinity of in Montrose
Radon mitigation estimate.
Vicinity of Duncan Place in Montrose
I have a 17.4 Radon test result from a reliable lab. I want an estimate for radon mitigation. I have a full basement 3/4 of which has been remodeled.
Vicinity of E Fox Park in Montrose
Cracks in wall and tile. Doors are not closing properly.
Vicinity of Xxxxxx in Montrose
We are presently living in Cody,WY but are in the process of purchasing a home in Montrose. Do you have a pre-purchase inspection service.
Vicinity of in Montrose
When we purchased our place 3 years ago, the front entryway had a slight slope and in the basement the ceiling was off by a few inches in opposing corners. The home inspector didn't seem to think that there were any new issues and that the home was finished settling. The home was built in 1947, and it didn't appear that any of the settling was recent. Over the summer, the city did some street & sidewalk repair and used a steam roller A LOT. (inside the home you could feel the vibration) We now have cracks in the walls in nearly EVERY room. It may just be superficial cracks and there isn't anything to worry about. But I'd rather have an expert check it out. Thanks!
Vicinity of Jade Road in Montrose
Radon mitigation system installed. Need quote for installation, and parts. Basement is roughly 1800 sq.ft. thanks, Jill
Vicinity of Otter Pond Circle in Montrose
I need an expert see if anything can be done to eliminate the moisture in a crawlspace.
Vicinity of Sneffles in Montrose
We need a free estimate on these items for a home we're under contract for. We need this done by tomorrow if possible (5-18-12). Please contact soon. Thank you!
Vicinity of Jig Rd in Montrose
I need an estimate on bringing a foundation up to industry standards on a house that I'm trying to purchase. I need the estimate by Monday, Apr. 9. Thanks!
Vicinity of Phillips Ct. - in Montrose
I just got results back from a short term test from Pro-Lab with an average level of Radon 9.9 pCi/L. I want to follow the EPA's suggestion of a long term test to confirm.
Vicinity of Jeremy Rd. in Montrose
Basement walls need repair
Vicinity of Pine View in Montrose
Foundation of attached garage has sunk 4". Foundation wall joining to house has cracked.
Vicinity of in Montrose
We want to purchase the home at the above address.Built 1923. There is an area like a square bay(10ft.x 4) where the foundation has an outward bow (inches). The area under this square bay is chest high dugout basement, the rest of the basement is full concrete. We believe this is not a recent condition. There are good size eaves on the house as well as a complete cement sidewalk around the entire home. We trying to set back an escrow account and are concerned how much we need to set aside. Thank You
Vicinity of Monte Vista Circle in Montrose
Our house (built in 2004) is on a 3.5-4ft high crawl space. Is it possible to add a basement by excavating down another 5'? Is adding additional wall/footings possible without compromising the existing foundation?

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