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Foundation Repair of Western Colorado proudly serves Colorado and Utah with foundation repair and concrete lifting and leveling.

While foundation and concrete damage is a common occurrence on properties across Grand Junction and western Colorado, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the health and safety of your home. If you notice problem signs like drywall cracks or nail pops, sagging floors, sticking windows and doors, and uneven concrete, it’s important for you to have them fixed right away. The longer these issues are allowed to fester, the more dangerous your home becomes. The expert team at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has many years of experience with diagnosing and repairing these problems with the best foundation, crawl space, concrete, and basement repair solutions.

If you are ready to repair and protect your home once and for all, contact us today to schedule a free inspection and repair estimate. We are eager to help you get to the bottom of your foundation woes, so you can enjoy living in a safer and healthier home. We are proud to serve Grand Junction, Montrose, Telluride, Aspen, and surrounding areas throughout western Colorado.

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FRWC - Aspen

Aspen, Colorado

Known as one of the most famous ski towns in the world, Aspen, CO sees its fair share of foundation, basement, and crawl space damage due to spring thaws and winter freezes.

FRWC - Clifton

Clifton, CO

If your Clifton, CO home is experiencing issues with foundation slab cracking, basement, or crawl space water damage, or failing wall supports, contact our team at FRWC.

FRWC - Durango

Durango, CO

With Durango’s soil being primarily clay, this can cause a multitude of issues with your home’s foundation and basement because of its poor drainage capabilities.

FRWC - Edwards


Located just 15 miles away from Vail, Edwards, CO, is a sleepy ski town nestled in the heart of the mountains. Unfortunately, the winter season brings its fair share of damage to homeowners' basements and foundations.

FRWC - Fruita


Within the Grand Valley, Fruita, CO homeowners see their fair share of foundation, basement, crawl space, and concrete damage around their homes.

FRWC - Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs

Known for their natural hot springs, Glenwood Springs, CO is no stranger to the damaging effects water can have on foundations, basements, and concrete structures.

FRWC - Grand Junction

Grand Junction, CO

For Grand Junction, CO, homes both big and small, old and new, foundation and basement damage can be both easy to miss and expensive to fix.

FRWC Montrose


Are you looking to buy a home in Montrose, CO? Identifying foundation issues is an important part of selecting a new home to ensure you make a sound investment, while protecting it for the future.

FRWC Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs

The mix of sand and clay soils in Steamboat Springs, CO can make for a variety of water drainage issues for your foundation and basement.

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Foundation Repair of Western Colorado

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