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FRWC crew members gathered around table.

Winter is here!

FRWC Crew with push pier

I receive several questions during evaluations in the fall and beginning of the winter regarding if we can or can’t complete the work in the winter time.

Our PolyRenewal system that lifts and levels uneven concrete slabs must be shut down in the winter months. The ground freezes and adheres to the underside of the slab. We can no longer compact the soil and get separation in order to raise the slab. The elements of nature limit our ability to service our customers for exterior concrete leveling, however, we can use PolyRenewal for interior slab lifting year round. Since the home is warm in the cold months, we can still get soil compaction and separation from the slab and soil.

These cold winter issues do NOT stop of from working on foundations in certain areas. We still stabilize and raise foundations all year long in the greater Grand Junction area, Delta, Olathe, Montrose, ect. We even have some methods that allow us the thaw the ground in colder temperature areas such as Aspen and Glenwood Springs. Mother Nature always has the final say however, but we do everything in our power to make sure we can address a homeowner’s foundation concerns as soon as possible.

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