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Should you Schedule Basement Repairs this Summer?

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Like many homeowners, you probably know leaky or damp basements need urgent repairs. You have the local contractor’s number, but because it’s a fun-filled summer, you don’t want any inconveniences or downtime. So, you put off repairs for your leaky basement or postpone sealing those unsightly cracks.

Reason? Time isn’t up for repairs.

Many homeowners also may not know the ideal season to inspect and resolve basement moisture or water problems. Read on and find out the best time and what measures you can take to protect the below-ground space in your home.

What’s the Ideal Season?

Summer is usually a dry season in Grand Junction, CO, which provides you with the best opportunity to waterproof the basement in time for stormy weather and freezing months. However, some people put off repairs or hesitate to perform them during summer as they get in the way of long-awaited vacations.

Starting with inspection, summer is the best time to judge the soundness of your foundation and the health of your basement. It’s easy to perform a visual inspection inside out. From the outside, you will be able to see all the cracks, crevices, tree roots, or anything that contributes to dampness. This way, you get to see whether the basement is healthy or needs some TLC to provide you and your family with a dry, comfortable space all year round.

Another reason you’d want to waterproof the basement in summer is that water also expands during cold winter months, and this might cause the basement walls to shift.

If excavation is required, you will also realize it’s easier to dig the basement floor or the exterior during summer than winter. Winter’s persistent cold will freeze the soil, and this makes digging difficult and tricky. Since the ground is frozen, it’s going to be difficult to begin the waterproofing process. Simple excavations will take longer, and this could mean spending more time and money than you’d intended.

Do you have a dank and humid basement? Now is the time to address the water problems you’re facing. Otherwise, they will foster water issues that could damage your basement and make your home less habitable.

Basement Care Tips

As you enjoy the sun and the outdoors, don’t forget your basement needs some love and care too. Do these if you truly care about the health of this space.

  • Inspect the exterior and interior of the basement for cracks and have them repaired.
  • Ensure the basement drainage system flows. Have a professional tend to the drain if it’s draining slowly.
  • Check for signs of water damage on the walls and floors. If any are there, ask your contractor to find the source and fix the problem.
  • Ensure the grading around your house slopes away so water won’t flow back to your foundation.
  • Clean the gutters on the roof, unclog the downspouts, and make sure these pipes are angled away from your foundation.
  • Test the sump pump. You never know when the rains or a leaky pipe could inundate this space.
  • Disconnect any hose that connects to an exterior tap.

Invest in The Right Basement Repairs

If you have problems such as water leaks, faulty windows, basement cracks, drainage problems, or a faulty sump pump, get in touch with the basement waterproofing experts in Grand Junction, CO. It’s not a good idea to attempt DIY fixes, as you could be treating the symptoms and not the root problem. Your local contractor will tell you what’s ailing your basement and apply the right basement waterproofing measures.

Depending on the condition or the problem, they might install a BasementGutter™ interior drainage system to collect any water that seeps through cracks or subterranean soil. Where flooding is a threat, sump pump installation can help mitigate water damage. If humidity is extreme, the best solution that offers lasting respite is a dehumidifier.

A lot of contractors agree that summer is the best time to waterproof the basement and resolve any moisture issues. Make good use of the remaining summer weeks to inspect the basement and resolve cracks and leakage. Get in touch with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado for a free inspection and a complimentary quote along with recommendations to resolve all your perennial basement water issues.

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