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Looking for Basement Waterproofing Products in Grand Junction, CO?

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on is that basement moisture is more than a nuisance. And the sooner you deal with it the better for you and your loved ones. The secret to successfully waterproofing any basement is knowing what you’re up against and what products can resolve them.

Fortunately, there are multiple products available that address various basement issues. This means you can find a lasting solution to your perennial water or moisture issues. Here’s a roundup of six popular products.

1) Internal Drainage System

When water seeps through cracks on your basement walls, they can trickle down and form a pool. You can arrest them before they get to the center of your basement by installing an interior drain. During installation, your contractor will open up a trench around the perimeter of your floor, lay down a specially designed perforated pipe, backfill it with drain gravel, and seal it with cement. Any water that enters the drain is channeled to the sump pit, then pumped outside.

2) Sump Pumps

Heavy storms can trigger flooding, so don’t take chances. Install a sump pump at the lowest part of the basement. When water levels start rising, it will lift the float switch up to a certain level, where it will activate the sump pump. Water is then ejected from the basement, preventing a flood. Your basement can get severely flooded if the sump pump fails or if there’s an outage. To ensure your sump pump remains operational, get an annual maintenance plan and a backup battery system.

3) Basement Dehumidifiers

Basement humidity in Grand Junction, CO, can cause discomfort and other issues. Don’t let moisture build up as it’s going to foster wood rot, musty smells, mold and pest infestation. Installing a dehumidifier in the basement can help you tame moisture, maintain relative humidity, and transform your space into a clean, dry place. It will also eliminate all the undesirable effects associated with basement dampness. Talk to your local basement waterproofing contractor to determine what model or type suits your home.

4) Frozen Discharge Line Protection

Winter may be months away, but when it arrives, you can rest assured it can cause water to freeze on your drain pipes. When this happens, your sump pump can stall. A frozen discharge line protection ensures your sump pump keeps ejecting water even if the discharge line freezes or gets clogged. Water exits the drain via slots in the device.

5) Gutters and Downspouts

As part of your exterior waterproofing efforts, consider installing gutters and downspout extensions to arrest rainwater and channel it away from the perimeter of your home. These systems will also stop water from damaging soffit and fascia boards and causing land erosion. If you’ve already installed them, ensure they’re well maintained and clog-free so water can flow freely. Also, make sure downspout lines are directing water far away from your foundation, and you may even consider having these lines buried.

6) Vapor Barrier

Another option for keeping moisture at bay is having your basement walls covered by a vapor barrier. The thick and durable liner we use for crawl space encapsulations can pull double duty and help with waterproofing and improving the appearance of your basement walls.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating yours, it is never too early or too late to employ basement waterproofing products to help protect your basement and the home. Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection in Grand Junction, CO, and our experts will guide you with your buying decision.

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