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A Wet Basement Repair Company or a General Contractor – Who Do I Call?

Hiring a wet basement repair company in Grand Junction, CO, over a general contractor is a smart decision as they have more skilled personnel who can handle complex projects.

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You’ve noticed signs around the basement and you have decided to call a professional to fix the issue. Who do you turn to? A local contractor or a leaky basement repair company? Are they one and the same? Well, these are some of the questions you may have to deal with in your quest to find a lasting solution to your damp basement.

Basically, both do more or less the same thing. The difference comes in the scope of the work and how they’ll handle projects. Let’s dig in and see what sets them apart, shall we?

General Contractor vs Wet Basement Repair Company

First things first, a general contractor does the A to Z in the realm of home services. As well as repairing leaking basements, they can fix other issues around the home. In other words, they don’t seem to have a specialty. And this is what distinguishes them from a basement or foundation repair company, which tends to focus on specific aspects. It could be basement finishing and renovation or just basement waterproofing and repairs.

Another thing that distinguishes the two is that repair companies are licensed and insured. For this reason, they can handle repairs or basement waterproofing projects that require building permits or adherence to local building or federal codes. On the other hand, contractors may handle some repairs but not at a higher level.

In terms of specialty and skill level, repair companies hire skilled personnel with certification to handle basement waterproofing and repairs. General contractors may use handymen or sub-contract some of the work to tradespeople with relevant skills. And some of them may not be available on a full-time basis.

For a bigger and labor-intensive project, you’ll want to go with a repair company, as they have more personnel and a dedicated project manager who will oversee your basement job from start to finish. This is very important as they’re going to be involved every step of the way. A general contractor will handle certain aspects of their project. And since they’re not likely to have a dedicated team, they will not commit themselves to a big project.

A leaky basement repair company tends to forge long-term relationships with their customers. For instance, if they finish a basement or waterproof it, they’ll continue maintaining it to ensure it remains clean and dry. With the general contractor, your relationship is likely to end when they sign off on a repair.

Getting hold of a contractor may be tricky since they tend to juggle projects. And if you’re going to engage one, you may find your project dragging on for days. A repair company will handle one project at a time. So you’ll find your project running smoothly and getting completed on agreed timelines.

Who Should I Contact?

For small repairs, we advise you to contact your local contractor. Approach a basement repair company for large-scale projects that require more hours. If you’re less concerned about the risks that may occur, a contractor might be a good option. But if you feel the risk of damage or injury is too great, you’ll want to go with a licensed and insured wet basement repair company in Grand Junction, CO, as they can take financial responsibility.

Tips for Hiring a Repair Company

Now that you know what sets these two apart, it’s good to also know what to look for when hiring a repair company.

  • Licensing and insurance – Ensure they have a valid state license and insurance that indemnifies you from personal injury or damage.
  • Labor warranty – Ensure the repair company or contractor backs every project with a labor warranty. If the basement falls apart, you won’t suffer financial loss as well.
  • Proximity – A local wet basement repair company understands the problems of residential homeowners, and since they’re nearby, they can respond in a timely fashion to your inspection or repair requests.
  • Customer reviews – Check the company’s website or local directories for customers’ feedback.
  • Written contract – When hiring, ensure you get a written contract that spells out what the repair company will do, timelines, projected cost and who’s in charge of the project.

Looking for a trustworthy and professional basement repair company to waterproof your basement or fix basement cracks? Get in touch with us today. We’re happy to conduct a free basement inspection and offer a written estimate along with recommendations to fix your basement issues or problems.

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