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Winter is here!

Winter is here! Learn More

I receive several questions during evaluations in the fall and beginning of the winter regarding if we can or can’t complete the work in the winter time. Our PolyRenewal system that lifts and levels uneven concrete slabs must be shut down in the winter months. The ground freezes and adheres to the underside of the […]

We take the time!

We take the time! Learn More

There are several factors the come into play when determining the correct fix for a home such as age of home, integrity of foundation walls, interior floor supports, past repairs that may have been done ect. It takes some time to properly diagnose a foundation issue and how to correct it. Our foundation specialists arrive […]

Engineered Foundation Products

Foundation Repair

Engineered Foundation Products Learn More

A lot of the time customers are concerned with with quality of the product or service that they are buying. If you take two products or services that are the exact same in appearance, functionality, and price but one is engineered and comes with a warranty, I would bet that everyone homeowner would purchase the […]

Commitment to Our Customers

Commitment to Our Customers Learn More

Have you ever had a contractor come out to your house to give a proposal and not follow up on promises that were made? I know I have as well as almost every homeowner out there. Let’s face it, it can be downright scary when you notice cracks in your home. When one of our […]

PolyRenewal is Extremely Light

Concrete Lifting

PolyRenewal is Extremely Light Learn More

We periodically visit homeowners who have already had their exterior concrete lifted with outdated mud jacking methods. Inevitably the homeowners are upset because they have paid to have the work done and now they are still dealing with the headache of concrete settlement again. Our PolyRenewal system is perfect for situations like these. The main reason […]

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado is Proud to Offer PolyRenewal

Concrete Lifting

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado is Proud to Offer PolyRenewal Learn More

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado is proud to now offer PolyRenewal to all of our customers. Our professionals have what it takes to handle any of your concrete needs. From crack repair to a sunken slab, we can fix it! Issues with your concrete can be very dangerous. Our experts will provide you with solutions that […]

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