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winterizing tips to protect your home

Winter Weather Maintenance Tips To Protect Your Aspen Home

Protect your basement or crawl space from water damage and reduce your heating bills with these winterizing tips for Colorado residents

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Is your Colorado basement ready for winter this year? If you are a Grand Junction homeowner, the fall is an important time to ensure your annual home maintenance schedule is up to date. Spending a little time and money on seasonal maintenance can save you even more of both in the long term. 

Before the temperatures dip and the snow and ice come to Aspen this year, it’s important to take the time to review your home winterizing plan and to protect your basement or crawl space from winter weather. If you don’t take the time to prepare for winter now, you may be in for some big repair bills in the spring. In addition, winterizing can save you a huge amount off of your monthly heating bills when the temperatures dip. To lower heating bills and protect your basement or crawl space from water damage this winter, review this checklist and get your home ready for the colder months before the holiday season begins.

winterizing tips to protect your home

Reduce Your Heating Bills this Winter

A Colorado homeowner’s first winterization task can save you money this winter. Get ready for cold weather by getting your HVAC unit checked to ensure your home’s heating and cooling outputs are working at their best. In addition to reducing your heating bills each month, this will also help save energy and lower your carbon footprint this year.

Next, protect the heated air from escaping by finding and fixing air leaks throughout the home. From the attic to the basement or crawl space, check around windows and doors. If you notice a change in temperature, add insulation with caulk on the inside and outside of the area to fill leaks. Fixing air leaks can also help minimize pest and mold activity.

In your basement, adding curtains or plastic film to windows can also help lower heating bills. In addition, adding energy-efficiency appliances, changing furnace filters, and installing smart home appliances are good fall winterization tasks to help lower heating costs. A programmable thermostat that lowers temperatures at night or when you’re not at home can make a big impact on your monthly bills, with savings continuing into the spring and summer as well.

Protect Your Basement or Crawl Space from Winter Water Damage

Before the next freeze, you can protect against water damage by fixing leaks throughout the home and insulating pipes in the basement or crawl space. Even a small leak can increase pests, mold, and mildew in the winter months.

Adding foam insulation around the outside of pipes will help protect them from freezing in the winter, especially in colder areas of the home, including the basement or crawl space. Sealing exposed ductwork with aluminum will also help keep heated air inside the home and protect against frozen or burst pipes this winter. Water damage from burst pipes comprises some of the most expensive home repairs caused by winter weather.

If your basement or crawl space insulation is old, it’s time to get a professional inspection to identify additional insulation options to protect your home this winter. New products help protect against moisture and weather conditions better than ever before. For example, thermal insulation will help reduce your heating bills even further.

Finally, additional crawl space or basement waterproofing measures include adding an interior drainage system along with a sump pump with a backup battery. This will help protect your home from flooding due to burst pipes, weather, or other emergencies this winter.

Winter Foundation Protections

Your home’s foundation needs added protection from cold winter weather and storms too. A small crack or leak in a home’s foundation can cause major problems over time. If you find standing water in your basement or crawl space, it’s time to get a professional foundation inspection to find and fix leaks and other damages before they get worse. Fixing cracks in your home’s foundation will also help protect against flooding and pests.

For professional help winterizing your home this fall, including a free foundation inspection and repair estimate, contact the team at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado.

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