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Every time I talk to a good friend or a relative, I remind them of how great and rewarding it is to live in Western Colorado. It seems that we get spoiled being constantly surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes and the occasional backdrop of the winding Colorado River. Sound too good to be true? Well, think again, it’s not. I believe the biggest reason most people live in Western Colorado is because of the changing of the seasons. We all get a firsthand account of the overwhelming beauty of fresh crystalline powder as it kisses the mountainside. The bellowing of the Roaring Fork River in the springtime and hoping to get a glimpse of jumping trout as it yearns to finally eat well again. And not to mention the breathtaking golden leaves of the fall Aspen trees.

It is easy to get caught up in all of Colorado’s beauty, believe me. What we don’t tend to realize is, that although we live and work in a gorgeous place, mother nature can always have some tricks up her sleeve. Some summer days can get to over 105 degrees of dry skin cracking heat. That fresh-packed powder ski run will eventually run off and now that once the calm river has now been turned into a raging torrent primed for a flood, the blistering cold of the inversion will even give a polar bear frostbite.

This abrupt harshness of our seasonal changes presents a tough chore for homeowners to protect their largest investment. Any ideas? You guessed it, their homes. When the summer heat is in full swing, the clay in our soil will shrink and cause foundations to settle. When we get monsoonal downpours of rain, this shrunken clay will now be washed away from the underside of our foundation walls. Please don’t get discouraged however, there are several steps you can take to help prevent foundation movement in your home, such as adding gutter extensions to kick the rainwater away from your home. We also recommend that the soil surrounding your home’s foundation slope away.

There are several factors that can play a role in a foundation’s movement. The best step a homeowner can take to ensure their foundation is or isn’t moving and how to fix the issue is to lean on the experts. Our evaluations are free of charge and we have a full staff of eager professionals to help accommodate your needs.

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