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Helical piers in warehouse

Foundation Repair

Man watering lush lawn

Your Lawn’s Health: A Drought Care Checklist Learn More

Grand Junction, CO, is already seeing the impact of 2020’s drier weather. If you’re concerned about the state of your lawn and foundation, you can still take steps to protect your investments from damage using this lawn health and drought care checklist. Caring for Your Lawn Before A Drought If at all possible, you will […]

Dry soil and your foundation

Can A Dry Lawn Damage Your Foundation? Learn More

2020 boasts one of the worst droughts Grand Junction, CO, has seen in some time. This drought is set not only to impact the tourism and agricultural industries, but it can also have a severe impact on the stability of your foundation. The drier your soil gets, the more at-risk your foundation is going to […]

FRWC crew member conducting post-tree removal checklist.

Post-Tree Removal: Doubling Down on Home Protection Learn More

Removing a tree from your property can be a trying process. It gets even more complicated when you’re removing the tree to protect your foundation. When removals go wrong, it can feel like you committed to a bunch of work for no reason. Luckily, you can work on your own or with the help of […]

Western Colorado’s Ultimate Basement Flood Preparation Checklist Learn More

Western Colorado’s Ultimate Basement Flood Preparation Checklist Coloradans are no strangers to snow. In Western Colorado specifically, the city of Aspen receives an average of 153 inches of snow every year. That’s a lot of snowfall, and as you know, snow doesn’t just magically disappear. Instead, as spring weather rolls around, the snow melts and […]

Handy Products for Successful Foundation Repairs in Grand Junction, CO Learn More

Whenever your foundation gets damaged, it has to undergo repairs. Some fixes are simple, but others require trained professionals. Knowing what products your contractor might use can help you budget for the repairs. Wondering what solutions might be used to repair and protect your foundation? Here’s a rundown of the eight most popular foundation repair […]

Ignore These Foundation Repair Myths Learn More

Grand Junction, CO, isn’t known for its rainstorms, but that’s no reason to think you’re safe from foundation damage. Unfortunately, some of the myths about foundation damage keep homeowners in the area from protecting their foundations accordingly. Let’s dive into some of those myths and break down why they’re not as true as they initially […]

cracked exterior brick under window

Dispelling Foundation Repair Myths: How To Budget For Repairs Learn More

Have you been putting off a call to your Grand Junction, CO, foundation repair contractor? The myths surrounding foundation repair costs keep many homeowners from making the right decision when it comes to home maintenance. There’s no need to be afraid of repair costs, though. If anything, you should be more concerned about the consequences […]

cracked brick compromised foundation

Should I Repair or Replace My Foundation? Learn More

Many homeowners feel that if their foundation is cracked or damaged, the logical thing to do is to replace it. However, as with most home repairs, it’s important to consider ALL your options if you want to get the most for your money and the least disruption of daily family life. Whether you choose to […]

FRWC crew member speaking to one another and smiling.

Commercial Helical Piles Learn More

Helical Piles (Commercial) Project: Boat Dock Location: Aspen, CO Date: November 2011 Challenge: Install 8 helical piles for a future boat dock within an existing lakebed; 32’ off the lake shore and in 12’ of water to a minimum depth of 15’ and 10 kip service load. The lake exists over what used to be […]

FRWC crew member speaking to one another and smiling.

Commercial Push Piers Learn More

Push Piers (Commercial) Project: Unitarian Church of Grand Valley Location: Grand Junction, Colorado Date: January, 2010 Condition: This structure was originally built on “pit-run” a gravel material normally adequate for structural support, however, the building with a slab foundation had developed a void under it’s footing. This void caused settlement adjacent to a basement utility. […]

CFI measuring exterior of home.

Foundation Repair Costs Learn More

While many foundation problems are similar, each one demands a customized solution to provide the best value and performance. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we take pride in making the costs for these repairs as clear and easy to understand as we possibly can. Why Choose Us? Foundation repair solutions vary in cost, depending […]

A View that Kills Learn More

We know where you’re coming from. You love the western slope of Colorado because of the spectacular views and amazing vistas scattered quite literally around ever bend. You want to enjoy wide open spaces and adventurous terrains. You want to see the cliffs and canyons and mountainous heights. You want to see the rivers and […]

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