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Is Fixing My Foundation Really Worth It?

See if foundation repair is right for you based on what type of homeowner you are.

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In Colorado, issues like sloping floors, cracking walls, leaning chimneys, and other settlement problems tend to be the norm. It’s largely due to the infamous expansive bentonite clay that can’t support your home’s structure. While these issues are extremely common in western Colorado, they’re far from what’s acceptable for a healthy home. 

However, making the investment into repairing your home’s foundation issues can seem intimidating. It might make you wonder if it’s worth the time and money.

Is It Worth It to Fix My Foundation? 

In short, yes! It’s worth it to fix your foundation. In fact, foundation repair can protect your home’s value—watch the video from our friends at Groundworks for more information!

Keep in mind, just like homeowners, all homes are unique. There’s no one-size-fits all foundation repair, but what matters is giving your home the attention it needs, as soon as possible. Companies like Foundation Repair of Western Colorado offer completely free inspections of your foundation so that you can rule out any issues right away.  

Some factors that can contribute to if foundation repair is right for you might be your relationship to the home in question. Are you a home settler, vacationer, or seller? 

First, What Type of Homeowner Are You?

The Settler

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If you’re a settler, you’re a homeowner putting roots down in your either newly purchased, or longtime-owned home. You may spend a lot of time working from home, looking at those unsightly cracks and nail pops in your wall, or prying open sticking windows and doors. Or you may commute to work, and don’t want to have to worry about any safety and structural hazards that creeping foundation issues can bring upon your home and family.  

Either way, foundation repair is worth the investment for you now, as foundation and structural issues only become more complex—and expensive—down the line. While putting it off may be convenient, the inconvenience will only grow when the issues become impossible to ignore, causing you to unexpectedly move around funds.  

The Vacationer

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If you’re a vacationer, you like to use your beautiful mountain home to relax and take in the views. You may even rent the property out to make an extra dollar. But how relaxing is a vacation home that’s crumbling beneath its tenants? Foundation issues can make for a poor experience for renters, as they struggle with sticking windows and doors, and stumble over uneven floors.    

Should you decide to sell the property off your hands, you may run into issues with potential buyers who don’t want to invest in a vacation home that is sinking and cracking around them. Completing foundation repair can ensure that your investment property stands strong for years to come.

The Seller

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If you’re a seller, you’re looking to move on to bigger and better things; and get a good deal on selling your home while you’re at it. But if you’re struggling with common foundation problems like uneven floors, wall cracks, cracks in the bricks outside of your home, and more, you may be disappointed when the offers or appraisal rolls in.  

Homes with major structural problems frequently receive cash offers from home flippers, and for below the price you might be hoping for. Foundation issues can decrease a home’s market value by 10-15%. By fixing your home’s structural integrity and foundation now, you can potentially increase your home’s selling point. At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we offer long-term warranties on our repair products that will transfer to the next homeowner. 

Why Should I Fix My Foundation Now?

  • Foundation Repair Early Saves You Money in The Long Run.  Foundation issues only get worse—not better over time. As these issues grow, the integrity of your home’s total structure could be at risk. Not only is this a safety issue, but an extremely costly one. The longer you wait, the more likely excavation will be needed for repairs which will make costs soar. This type of repair is only recommended when absolutely necessary, so it’s better to avoid it by fixing your problem early on.  
  • Can Help You Move Along with Cosmetic Repairs. If you’re considering remodeling your home, painting your walls, or redoing your wood floors or tiling, your home’s structure should be squared away first. There’s nothing like freshly patching up and painting over a wall crack or nail pop, just for them to rematerialize again in another month. Not only that, but issues like water intrusion coming through cracks of your foundation walls, drywall, uneven floors, and broken stairsteps can all do away with your hard work or money invested in upgrading. You can avoid this by ensuring your home’s structural integrity, first.   
  • Ensures Safety of You, Your Family, or Renters. Uneven floors, sticking doors, tilting chimneys, and crumbling structures are ultimately a safety hazard for all who enter your front door when you have advanced foundation issues. Putting off repairs for too long can potentially put your loved ones in danger as you risk foundation failure. An investment in your foundation’s functionality and safety is an investment in your family’s health and safety, as well.  

Get Your Free Inspection with Foundation Repair of Western Colorado 

No foundation repair company understands the weight of your decision more than Foundation Repair of Western Colorado. That’s why we’re here to be your foundation guide, by accurately diagnosing your home and giving you a transparent, no-pressure quote for your repairs.  

Our flexible financing plans and long-term, transferrable warranties will make your investment worthwhile, and completely worth the cost. It’s easy to get started with us. Schedule your free inspection today! 

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