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Handy Products for Successful Foundation Repairs in Grand Junction, CO

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Whenever your foundation gets damaged, it has to undergo repairs. Some fixes are simple, but others require trained professionals. Knowing what products your contractor might use can help you budget for the repairs.

Wondering what solutions might be used to repair and protect your foundation? Here’s a rundown of the eight most popular foundation repair products in Grand Junction, CO.

1) Push Piers

Have a sinking foundation? Push piers are just what you need to stabilize the foundation whenever there’s a settlement issue. They’re driven through the problematic soil to more stable soil well beneath your home. These piers are the most commonly used type of piering solutions, and they can help lift your home’s foundation back to its original position. To top it off, they offer lifelong support to the structure above.

2) Helical Piers

When your foundation sinks because of compressive force or tension, your only hope might be installing helical piers. These foundation piers function the same as push piers, but they are mechanically “screwed” into the ground. Helical piers are used most under settling chimneys, porches, and patios.

3) Slab Piers

Settling concrete slabs can cause serious structural problems. Lucky for you, there’s a lifelong underpinning solution for you and that’s slab piers. This system works by lifting concrete to its earlier position at the same time, closing cracks. They’re usually driven deep into the soil, bypassing weak soils that are unable to support your home.

4) Crawl Space Support Jacks

If you notice your floor feels bouncing, soft, and uneven, the support system underneath your main living area could be failing. Wood and metal supports in crawl spaces can fail to live up to their intended use if the crawl space under your house is vented, unsealed, and filled with water and moisture. Along with encapsulating the crawl space, it’s important for you to shore up the support system with the strong IntelliJack™ system. These supports help stop settling, permanently reinforce the floors and floor joists and can help lift floors back to level.

5) Wall Anchors

Need to fix your severely bowing walls? Wall anchors embedded in the soil adjacent to your home are designed to restore lateral strength of walls that are bowing because of poor drainage or poor grading. And they do this by pulling the wall straight using soil expansion and contraction. This unique system can be tightened during dry periods to help return the wall back to its original position.

6) IntelliBrace™ Beams

When wall anchors are unable to be used due to exterior installation limitations, the IntelliBrace™ system is an excellent alternative for reinforcing cracking, tilting walls. These beams are similar to I-beams, but they are far superior. They resist rust and corrosion, and the large bolt at the top of the beam can be adjusted to help return the wall back to its original position.

7) Carbon Fiber Wall Supports

Hydrostatic pressure and horizontal soil shifts can cause the walls of your foundation to bulge or bow. To stop further bowing, a carbon fiber system is a great option for reinforcing cracking and bowing walls. It’s 10x times stronger than steel and absorbs pressure from the walls well. The epoxy and carbon fiber is fastened to the sill plate using a galvanized bracket.

8) Concrete Lifting

Concrete structures such as the patio or driveway in your Grand Junction, CO, home can sink. When this happens, driving in and out of your home can become a problem. Your best bet is having the state-of-the-art PolyRenewal™ system installed. High-density polyurethane is injected underneath any cracking, sinking concrete, and the slabs are precisely lifted and leveled. This system typically is used outdoors, but it also can be installed indoors to repair and protect sunken concrete slabs.

Why Hire a Foundation Repair Professional

Simple DIY repairs can make you fail to appreciate the skill and experience required to successfully fix a damaged foundation. In general, most repairs are labor-intensive and require proper diagnosis. So don’t throw away money on fast fixes that won’t end up addressing the real problem. Let experts handle the repairs.

Are you worried about the bulging walls or cracks in your foundation? Schedule a free foundation repair inspection and get a free estimate plus solid product recommendations for any upcoming repairs. Whether your foundation is sinking, cracking, or bowing, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has the best solutions that can resolve your foundation issues and preserve the value of your home.

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