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Ignore These Foundation Repair Myths

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Grand Junction, CO, isn’t known for its rainstorms, but that’s no reason to think you’re safe from foundation damage. Unfortunately, some of the myths about foundation damage keep homeowners in the area from protecting their foundations accordingly.

Let’s dive into some of those myths and break down why they’re not as true as they initially seem.

Clearing Up a Foundation Leak is Easy On Your Own

If you’re the handy sort, you may want to try and clean up a foundation crack or leak without the help of a professional. After all, doing so will probably save you money and time, right?

Not always. If you don’t have the proper certifications that state you’ve earned the experience you need to safely repair a home, you may end up doing more harm than good. As a result, the crack or leak in your foundation may worsen. Not only that, but any professional foundation repair contractor you bring in after you’ve attempted to fix your problem will have to undo your work before they can really get started. As such, you’ll end up costing yourself more money if you try to DIY a foundation solution.

Overwatering Your Lawn Will Make a Crack Worse

Many foundation cracks are caused by hydrostatic pressure, or the pressure soil and groundwater exert on your home. If that’s the case, you may think adding more water to your lawn via overwatering would make a foundation crack worse.

While this line of thinking makes sense, in practicality, it’s extremely unlikely that your garden hose has the capacity to damage your foundation. Why? Because more often than not, the plants in your lawn and around your perimeter will form a natural barrier that’ll absorb your hose’s water. Sometimes, overwatering during a drought can even protect your home from future leaks.

New Homes Can’t Develop Foundation Cracks

Building a new home is as rewarding as it is stressful. The last thing you’d imagine, though, is that your new home would flood due to a foundation crack or leak. Only older homes are flooding homes, after all – right?

This myth has caused many new homeowners a lot of strife. In fact, many new homes can be just as likely to start cracking and leaking as old homes if they’re in an area that sees more than its fair share of rain. If your new home isn’t waterproofed, if it’s been poorly graded, or if your builder simply used the wrong materials to support your foundation, you may end up with a foundation crack or leak. That’s why it’s best to invest in waterproofing solutions while your home is still under construction.

Foundation Repair is Too Expensive for Normal Homeowners to Manage

The one myth that’s caused homeowners the most grief is this one: the foundation repairs are too expensive for the average person to handle. This is not the case. It is true that foundation repair may cost a bit of money and that it’ll take a bit of time. However, most repair efforts can cost between $1,000 and $20,000. While this may take a chunk out of your repairs budget, your specific costs will vary based on the size of your home and the extent of the damage and solutions needed to repair it.

You Can Put Off Foundation Repair to Save Money

While foundation repair may not be as expensive as the myths say, you still may not have enough money off the bat to pay for your necessary repairs. In these circumstances, it should be fine for you to put off repairs while you save up, right?

No, not at all. The longer you put off foundation repairs, the more severe your crack or leak can become. As a result, you might have to spend more money on repairs to fix a more dangerous leak or crack.

If you are worried about money but you still want to act, talk to your contractor about signing up for a payment plan. It’s always better to ask for accommodations than it is to let a leak or crack grow out of control.

Selling a Home with a Cracked Foundation is Impossible

The other myths about foundation repair may be false, but surely it’s impossible to sell a home with a leaking or cracking foundation. Who wants to take on that kind of burden when they’re moving somewhere new?

If you are interested in selling your home but are worried that your foundation will prevent you, don’t fret. When you go to sell your home, you’ll have two options available to you. You can list your home without repairing the foundation, but if you do, you could risk losing up to 30 percent of its market value. Alternatively, you can front the cost of repairs before listing your home and then place it on the market.

The choice is up to you in the end. It’s worth noting, though, that neither one of these solutions is better than the other, as both will let you sell your home without an issue.

Don’t let the myths surrounding the foundation repair industry keep you from fixing the crack or leak in your home. The professionals operating out of Grand Junction, CO, will be able to offer you a free quote on your repairs so you can better plan how to clean up your home.

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