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Engineered Foundation Products

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A lot of the time customers are concerned with with quality of the product or service that they are buying. If you take two products or services that are the exact same in appearance, functionality, and price but one is engineered and comes with a warranty, I would bet that everyone homeowner would purchase the one that is engineered and with a warranty.

We have provided the vast majority of Western Colorado Engineering firms with our tech manuals. Every single floor stabilization and underpinning product that we provide is engineered and comes with a warranty. On top of that, we have an extended warranty backed by the manufacturer (see the blog about our extended warranty).

In Mesa County, the vast majority of homeowners do not need a building permit or an engineered stamped plan to underpin their homes, saving time and money. However, most other counties in western Colorado do. To accommodate all areas of our operation, we work hand in hand with the local engineering firms to provide the best possible option for our customers.

When a homeowner has Foundation Repair of Western Colorado fix their home, they can be assured that every step of the process is thought out and calculated, giving them the piece of mind knowing their home is fixed correctly the first time.

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