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Push Piers (Commercial)

  • Project: Unitarian Church of Grand Valley
  • Location: Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Date: January, 2010


This structure was originally built on “pit-run” a gravel material normally adequate for structural support, however, the building with a slab foundation had developed a void under it’s footing. This void caused settlement adjacent to a basement utility.

Corrective Measures:

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Foundation Repair of Western Colorado LLC installed four Push Piers to lift and stabilize the foundation to prevent further vertical settlement.


Installation of Push Piers has lifted the foundation back to a level position and stopped movement. The owner can now rely on effective normal maintenance. Unsightly cracks will now be a thing of the past.

Project Summary

  • Installing Contractor: Foundation Repair of Western Co LLC,
    Grand Junction Colorado
  • Products Installed: Push Piers

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