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How to Keep Your Crawl Space Safe from Pest Invasion

Dealing with pests in your crawl space doesn’t have to be a full-time job. With these guidelines, you will learn how to make your home less attractive to pests.

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Regardless of whether we are talking about homeowners in Grand Junction, CO, or resort home and ski resort owners in Aspen, it is safe to say that no one wants to deal with a pest invasion. When these uninvited guests manage to enter your home, they leave droppings wherever they go and destroy your belongings and furniture. They can also trigger allergies in people with respiratory problems and even compromise your home’s stability.  

So, how can you find out whether or not your home has an infestation? There are several telltale signs of pests having inhabited your crawl space. If you have noticed that foul or acrid odors are coming from your crawl space, you should call an exterminator immediately. These bad smells may be the result of pest droppings. In addition, signs of burrowing, holes in your walls, and scratching noises coming from the walls are also signs that you have a pest infestation on your hands.  

If you wish to keep these invaders out of your home, there are several ways you can make your home less attractive to pests.  

Ways to Control Rodents and Pests in the Crawl Space  

Watch this video from our friends at Groundworks and then read on for expert tips to keep pests out of your crawl space!

Encapsulate the Crawl Space  

An unsealed crawl space can easily become an open invitation for insects and rodents to enter. This is why installing a vapor barrier should be the first thing you do. Pests and rodents are drawn to places with high moisture content and encapsulation will keep your crawl space dry and much less attractive to these uninvited guests. In addition, a 20-mil plastic barrier will make it more difficult for pest to enter your crawl space. A thick and durable plastic barrier will also lower your energy bills and save you a lot of money in the long run.  

Trim Bushes Near Your Home  

If there are bushes or hedges around your home, make sure you trim them regularly. Otherwise, pests will use them as a hiding place and it will be just a matter of time when they will find their way to your crawl space.  

Pesticides and Traps  

If you have determined that pests have occupied your crawl space, using pesticides to eradicate them could be a viable solution. Professional exterminators can and should handle this undertaking. Apart from using pesticides, exterminators can also set traps in strategic places and check up on them now and then to see if everything is under control.  

Rocks and Debris  

Rocks, branches, and debris are great hiding spots for rodents. However, they won’t just hide there, they will make nests and breed as well. Rodents multiply incredibly fast, so a couple of tiny mice roaming around your crawl space can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation. Therefore, hire extermination experts who will remove anything from the crawl space that will provide pests with a place to cozy up in.  

Replacing Rotten Beams  

If you have not encapsulated your crawl space and moisture can get in, some of your wooden structural elements may have begun to rot. Not only can these damaged beams compromise your home’s structural integrity, but they can also attract rodents and termites. Crawl space repair experts can address this with a better support system.  

Don’t Store Food Down There  

While a crawl space can be used as storage as long as it is properly encapsulated, do not use it as your second pantry. Bags of sugar and flour, cooked food, grains, and even water bottles will easily attract pests and lure them into your crawl space. Not only will they devour your supplies, but they will stay there to feed and breed.  

Maintain Your Crawl Space  

Maybe you have done everything from this list, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and relax, confident that you won’t have to worry about pest invasions ever again. Things often break down, so it’s important to make sure all the measures you have in place to protect your crawl space continue to do so. With annual maintenance services offered by Foundation Repair of Western Colorado experts you can be at ease knowing that everything is in order.  

Do you suspect that pests have occupied your crawl space? If so, call the professionals that serve Grand Junction, CO. Experts at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado can assess the condition of your crawl space and recommend measures you can take to solve your problem, so schedule a free inspection and quote today.

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