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Want to Avert Water Problems? Get A FreezeGuard™ Attachment!

Worried that the cold weather might freeze your drain pipes and stall your sump pump? Install a FreezeGuard™ attachment to protect your home against flooding.

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During winter, freezing temperatures and ice in Grand Junction, CO, can damage your discharge lines. Water freezes and expands at 32°F, exerting pressure on the pipes. This can cause joints to leak or the pipe itself to burst. If the discharge line freezes, the sump pump will have to work really hard to eject the water. This could cause it to heat up and fail. 

Not to castigate anyone, but many homeowners focus on the big waterproofing measures and forget that water pipes need protection. Come winter, these lines can back up and render the sump pump inoperable. What’s the way out? Install a FreezeGuard™. It could mean the difference between a dry basement or crawl space and a flooded one this winter. 

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What Is a FreezeGuard™? 

A FreezeGuard™ is an anti-freeze attachment that is mounted on the exterior discharge line of the sump pump. This device allows water to escape in case the sump pump discharge pipes freeze or get blocked. It does this by allowing water to escape through special perforations in the attachment. 

Is the FreezeGuard™ Attachment Necessary? 

In winter weather, it is. The cold weather puts your plumbing lines and water utilities to the ultimate test. You can expect the water in the uninsulated drain pipes that run through the basement or crawl space to freeze, obstructing proper water flow. When this happens, your sump pump becomes less effective in channeling water out. 

You can avoid these frustrations associated with the cold weather by installing a FreezeGuard™ attachment. This device solves the problem of frozen discharge lines by ensuring water flows out even when the temperature dips to below zero. 

How It Works 

In most Grand Junction, CO, homes, interior drainage systems work in conjunction with sump pumps to keep the basement or crawl space dry, even after a flood. The interior drainage system collects water and directs it to the sump pump where it is expelled outside. When this system is blocked, your basement or crawl space becomes prone to the risk of flooding. To prevent yourself from flooding after a heavy downpour, homeowners are advised to invest in this device for extra protection. 

The FreezeGuard™ attachment provides water an escape route from the sump pump discharge line when the pipes freeze or get blocked for any reason. Even when the pipe outlets are buried under a foot of snow, the water can still escape through its perforations, leaving your basement or crawl space dry all year round. Once the ice thaws or the items blocking the flow are dislodged, the water automatically runs along its normal route. The beauty of this system is that you won’t need to attach hoses, as it operates automatically. 

Exterior Waterproofing 

Since a lot of the problems occur from the outside, it’s advisable that you implement measures to keep water out. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are in good working condition, and that the downspout lines are angled downward to allow water to drain away from the foundation. Similarly, re-grade your yard so water won’t stagnate and freeze around your yard. 

Additional tips to protect your drain pipes: 

  • Check the sump basin regularly and test the sump pump to ensure it’s functioning properly. 
  • Make sure buried pipes lie below the frost line. 
  • Warm up the sump pump line with a portable heater (not a blow torch) if it’s frozen. 
  • Insulate the discharge line and the intake to protect it from freezing. 
  • Extend the discharge line away from your home if you opt for an above-grade solution. 

Get in touch with the waterproofing experts at Foundation Repair of Western Colorado if you could benefit from a FreezeGuard™ installation. We will provide you with a free waterproofing inspection and quote along with solid recommendations to keep the basement or crawl space area dry all year round. 

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