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Crawl Space Access Well Installation Near Montrose, Grand Junction, Aspen, Delta, Glenwood Springs

Save money by keeping heat in and cold out of your crawl space!

old concrete window well of a Rifle crawl space

Repair required. Old crawl space access wells can hurt a home’s curb appeal and allow moisture, cold drafts and pests into the crawl space.

Crawl space access wells are often ugly, unsightly pits that are generally seen as a necessary evil in a home. More often than not, they’re made out of concrete, wood, or even metal.

Over time, these wells will begin to fill with leaves, plants, and debris. The wood will rot, the metal will rust, and when it rains or snows, they’ll fill with water, flooding the crawl space.

At Foundation Repair of Western Colorado, we specialize in crawl space repair. We can install covered crawl space access wells that will not allow water to leak into your crawl space and will never rust, rot, or corrode. We offer no-obligation estimates throughout Greater Grand Junction – schedule yours today!

Crawl Space Access Wells

plastic crawl space access well installed in a Rifle crawl space

This is an excellent choice if you need to replace deteriorated wood or metal window wells or crawl space access wells.


The Access Well is our answer to those old, corroded metal window wells and rotted wood entryways that are such eyesores for some homes. This is a perfect option if you want to replace your old, ugly crawl space access well or any window wells.

Once installed in your home, it will nicely finish off the outside of your home, complementing the landscaping around your house. A bed of gravel is laid along the bottom of the well, which assists in drainage to help keep out flooding water.

Access Well Specifications

  • Easy access To Crawl Space — Each unit is 48″ wide, allowing for easy access to your crawl space door or entryway.
  • Fully customizable — The Access Well is fully customizable, allowing for 21″, 36 3/8″, and 51 3/4″ depths.
  • Durability & Long Life — Our access wells are designed with heavy-gauge, durable polyethylene, which will never rot, corrode, or need paint. Clean stone is poured into the bottom for drainage.

Get started with crawl space needs today

If you’re interested in installing access wells or completing any kind of crawl space encapsulation project, Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has the experience and tools needed to repair your crawl space and keep your home safe and dry. Call us at 970-344-6202 or contact us online to schedule a service estimate! We serve homeowners in Grand Junction, Montrose, Delta, Aspen, Glenwood Springs and areas nearby.

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