Time is running Out

Thursday, October 6th, 2016 by Bryan Clemons

The poly level service we provide is unmatched in our industry. We provide a low cost alternative to concrete slab replacement.


I can go on and on about why our Poly Level Service is Superior to alternatives when needing to lift and level concrete slabs but this blog doesn't give me enough room. The biggest reason why it works better than anything else on the market is because it addresses the soil. When sub-surfacec soil is compromised and concrete settles, the settling will not stop.

Poly Level will be injected in between the slab and the poor soils so it can compact the soil underneath the weight of the concrete. Now that the soil has been compacted the expansion travels upwards and raises the concrete.

In order for this to take place, the ground can't be frozen. If the ground freezes, we can't get separation or compaction to lift the slab. Therefor the Poly Level Rig needs to shut down once the ground freezes.

If you are having settling issues with your concrete slabs, give us a call and there is a chance we could come out and get it taken care of before the freeze comes and address your slab concerns this year.

We take several calls later on in calendar year and unfortunately can't service our customers until the following spring.

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