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Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Case Studies: Kevin G. Residence

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 by Ted Munkres


Our customer purchased a home in Glenwood Springs. Due to collapsing soil in the subdivision many of the homes had settling problems; three had been condemned by the Garfield County Building Department.

An agreement was signed to stabilize and attempt to level the home, but we delayed starting the project until the recently married customer returned from his honeymoon, as he wanted to be present during the work.

There were many challenges associated with this project. The structure is a two story (2665 SF) house with a porch and an attached 900 SF garage, built in 2005. One corner of the house had settled 8-3/4” while a garage corner had settled 6-1/2”.

Some floors had separated enough to pass equipment through, additionally stone was falling off some of the façade and had to be removed for safety concerns.

Our customer's desire was to stabilize the foundation and return the house to as close to level as possible.


We installed forty-six 3” Push Piers to support the foundation, three Geo-Lock Wall Anchors to straighten foundation walls, and 6 Smart Jacks to support 3 steel beams used to support the interior structure of the house.

The piers were driven to a depth ranging from 27’2” to 62’9-1/2”, with an average depth of 54’2”.

The lowest point of the house was lifted 8-5/8”. The total elevation difference over the foundation after lifting is ± ½”. 

Having successfully stabilized and lifted the structure we warranted the foundation piers, and wall anchors for 25 years and the SmartJacks for 5 Years. The manufacturer warrants the products against manufacturing defects for 25 years.                                                                                                                   

Project Summary

Engineer: Gary Reeder P.E.

Project Manager: Keith Davis

Certified Pier Installer: Foundation Repair of Western CO LLC, Grand Junction CO

Survey: Pattillo Associates Engineers, Inc., Glenwood Springs CO

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