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Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Case Studies: Whitewater Home Lifted in order to Level Foundation

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 by Ted Munkres


11.75" out of level structure due to swelling soils.  Excavate, install piers, undermine and 'Let-Down' the East corner of the structure 5.5" in accordance to the engineers recommendations.


The homeowner in this project was a construction savvy person.  He offered to complete all the concrete and deck removals, excavation and undermining work.  Upon completion of his portion of the work, F.R.W. CO installed 18 - PP288, 5 - CSPP288 (crawlspace piers), and 8 smart jacks.  The house was then lifted 1/8" on average to allow the client to undermine the perimeter footings 14" to allow for the 'Let-Down' and a void after the 'Let-Down'.  The series of lift cylinders were extended out to maximum stroke plus 1/4" lift to relieve pressure on the pier cap nuts.  All nuts were then backed off to the threaded rod couplings to allow room for the structure to move in the downward direction ('Let-Down') This was repeated 3 times to acheive the final 5.5" lowering of the structure in a controlled manner.  Some pre-existing drywall repairs reappeared due to the 'Let-Down', but in all the client and the engineer were completely satisfied with the work.

Project Summary

Grand Junction Lincoln DeVore: Ed Morris

Excavation: Sammons

Project Manager: Keith Davis

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