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Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Case Studies: 1900's Brick Foundation Lifted in Glenwood Springs

Thursday, November 6th, 2014 by Ted Munkres


Install  4 - SJ350 smart jacks with 2 new under floor structural beams in a limited space and 10 - PP288 push piers on an extremely deteriorated early 1900's brick foundation and attempt to lift the structure up to 2".  Upon excavation for the piers the amount of deterioration to the foundation system became apparent.  Mortar joints were loose or completely missing between the 4' tall red brick foundation system.


2 - 4' pieces of 4x2 1/4" wall steel tubing were added at each pier location to capture the loose brick and minimize the failure potential of the foundation system.  Any missing brickwork was replaced to fill cavities greater than 3"x3" square.  The SouthWest foundation corner was braced vertically prior to proofing the piers in this vacinity.  All loose mortar joints were cleaned out after proofing and capping each pier.  The lift was performed and Xypex concrete surfacing products were installed after the lift to increase the integrity and lifespan of the foundation system.

Project Summary

Structural Engineer: Gary Reeder

Project Manager: Keith Davis

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