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Foundation Repair of Western Colorado Case Studies: Public School

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 by Keith Davis


The evaluation determined that an interior non-load bearing wall had settled upwards of 1” creating stair step cracks in the brickwork and a classroom door that would not close as well as a corner of the slab sloping to such an extreme that the teacher could not sit at their desk without rolling to the exterior wall.  Work needed to be completed within 2018  to fit into school budget and eliminate hazards to students.  Public school was in session at the time of evaluation and determining when the project could safely be completed. The work area is centrally located approximately 170 feet from any main entrance or exterior access for equipment and sub-zero temperatures threaten the PolyLEVEL equipment in transit from shop to site.


The Supportworks slab pier system in combination with PolyLEVEL was prescribed as the ultimate fix.  Five of the Supportworks 288 slab piers were installed on either side of the wall and lift was achieved.  On the night before lift day, the PolyLEVEL trailer was moved indoors and drum warmers set to 100 degrees on 2 full sets of product, knowing that only one set would be needed for the project but the additional heated mass was needed to maintain safe product temperatures for transit.  The trailer was mobilized 1.5 hours to the site the following morning in sub-zero temperatures, and the 185 foot out of the box hose and poly trailer was backed up to the closest set of entrance doors to ensure installation reach.  During the slab pier lift cycles, the PolyLEVEL system was installed simultaneously to increase slab performance.  The PolyLEVEL system was also injected around the teacher's desk area and brought up to level.  The PolyLEVEL trailer was immediately de-mobilized on the 1.5-hour journey after installation to eliminate freeze potential of the components. (F.Y.I. the interior of the trailer maintained a temperature no lower than 70 degrees)

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