Case Studies

Case Studies

Whitewater Home Lifted in order to Level Foundation
11.75" out of level structure due to swelling soils.  Excavate, install piers, undermine and 'Let-Down' the East corner of the structure 5.5" in accordance to the engineers...
Don F. Residence
The customer was seeing cracks in walls, entryway and wall separation at the doorway. Also, the floorboards were creaking and the load bearing wall in the stairwell was arched. The...
Public School
The evaluation determined that an interior non-load bearing wall had settled upwards of 1” creating stair step cracks in the brickwork and a classroom door that would...
Commercial Building Foundation Stabilization in Edwards CO
A municipal building was experiencing severe foundation issues due to shifting soil. The building was built on the side of a mountain. Big cracks in and around doors, doors...
Foundation Stabilized in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Our customer contacted us complaining of sloping floors and cracks in his foundation. We performed an evaluation including a level survey and discovered there was a lot more...
Level Concrete around Pool - Aspen CO
Our customer was experiencing settling soil underneath concrete around a pool. This was unsightly and caused tripping hazards.
Lodge in Snowmass Village
A lodge in Snowmass Village, CO, was experiencing settling soil and causing sidewalk problems; uneven/unsightly sidewalks and tripping hazards.
Clay S. Residence
The customer was experiencing foundation problems due to shifting/settling soils.
Capitol Creek
Our customer called and told us that water was penetrating where the new addition and main foundation exists. The basement needed waterproofing. 
1900's Brick Foundation Lifted in Glenwood Springs
Install  4 - SJ350 smart jacks with 2 new under floor structural beams in a limited space and 10 - PP288 push piers on an extremely deteriorated early 1900's...
Kevin G. Residence
Our customer purchased a home in Glenwood Springs. Due to collapsing soil in the subdivision many of the homes had settling problems; three had been condemned by the Garfield...
Apartment Building in Craig CO
A well established apartment building was having foundation issues on the south side of the structure. Push Piers were used to stabilize the foundation, and drainage issues...
Tom M. Residence
The customer called and told us his driveway slab was settling. Our Design Specialist went to the home for an evaluation. and discovered the homeowner had more problems than...
Patio Sinking in Crawford CO
The customer called and said the patio was tilting away from the house, and had sunk 2-5". It was mudjacked 7 years ago by another company and began to sink again after 2...
Delta County Fairgrounds
The pillars serving as the entrance to the Delta County fairgrounds in Hotchkiss, CO, were leaning. They were built in 1938, had become unsightly and there was a danger of...
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