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Encapsulate Your Crawlspace

Monday, August 8th, 2016

There is humidity in the soil beneath our homes. This humidity naturally rises up from the soil and into our crawlspaces. Not only does this moisture create mold and odors, it invites many insects to the damp area.


The same air in crawlspaces will rise up through penetration points and inevidably get into the home which we breath. This can be very problematic to an individual with allergies (believe me). Also, over time, mold and moisture can deteriorate the wood in a home's structure.


Encapsulating a crawlspace with our "CrawlSeal System" is the most effective cost efficient way to encapsulate a crawlspace to help prevent dust, mold, and insects from ruining a homes interior floor support. This gives the owners of a CrawlSeal Crawlspace the piece of mind knowing there crawlspace is dry, dust, and pest free. And we think that's pretty neat!

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