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Sticking Doors

Monday, July 11th, 2016

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There are several things that can cause a door to not work properly. It can be as simple as the screws coming loose on the hinges. But, it can also indicate foundation movement. Many home owners will sand, re-hang, and even plane doors down to get them to open or close. These "band aid" type fixes can give some temporary relief to the owner but will always come back and need to be addressed time and time again.  The majority of sticking door evaluations we complete deal with an underlying problem that gets a little more complicated than loose hinges. The soil underneath homes can move (settle, heave, or even shift). When that soil moves, the home moves with it - causing all sorts of changes (like sticking doors).  Foundation Repair of Western Colorado has the experience and capabilities to make sure that sticking doors will no longer be that thorn in anyone's side. On top of not having to deal with the headache of a sticking door anymore, our clients are left with a hassle free home as well as a substantial transferable warranty.

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